RPG Print News – Heward’s Handy Haversack, Modiphius, and More

This is my hundredth RPG Print News and everything is fantasy this week. That is both profound and really not related to anyone’s real life in any meaningful way. So I included a Heward’s Handy Haversack (only magical on Oerth) made of Silver Dragon scales. D&D falls in love, and Pathfinder 2nd Edition goes Special Edition with a previous title. Modiphius has more Conan - Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of support with two new books and Mork Borg gets a creepy crawly dungeon. Goblins get their own fantasy RPG. Finally, Fantasy Trip gets all the things: playmats, maps, journals, cards, and more.
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Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

RPG Adventurer’s Bag - Collector's Edition (Silver) by Enhance Gaming
  • SYSTEM: any
  • PRODUCT TYPE: Heward’s Handy Haversack (book, miniature, and map carrying satchel complete with dragon scales, map NOT included)
  • RETAIL PRICE: $149.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Dragon Scales exterior, foam cushions interior. Even has a metal charm keychain and holographic sticker because why not? Holds up to 16 of the 28 mm miniatures with room for several hardcovers inside as well and pencils and more in the outer pouch. Has a shoulder strap and a map on the bottom to hold your grid map (not included but for the price seems like they could have thrown in a paper grid as least).
100 til death.JPG

Til Death Do Us Part - Adventures with Heart for 5E by EN Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: 35-page softcover adventure supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $19.95
  • DISCLOSURE: EN World and EN Publishing are connected
  • DESCRIPTION: Includes four adventures of the heart and a plug-in event suitable for characters to play through as they level up throughout a campaign. Includes the following. Plug-in event: A Royal Wedding and all the events surrounding such an expensive massive undertaking. The Business of Emotion is an adventure for three to five characters of levels 2-3. PCs need to stop the suffering of the village of Lanidor during an enchanted "summer of love". In Bastards Revenge, for four to five characters of levels 3-5, the PCs have to protect a retiring vagabond from the vengeance of his abandoned children. The PCs must perform A Trade of Bride and Pride. An adventure for three to four character of levels 4-8 trying to deliver a ransom for the wife of a local guard captain. In Cold Love, an adventure for four to five characters of levels 5-9, one PC has “won” love of a powerful cold elemental, Gelissa the Spirit of Winter, and with it the continuing cold of winter.
100 lost omens.JPG

Lost Omens - Character Guide (Special Edition) by Paizo Publishing
100 conan the shadow.JPG
100 conan the age of.JPG

The Shadow of the Sorcerer | The Age of Conan Sourcebook by Modiphius
  • SYSTEM: Conan - Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of (2d20)
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $49.99/$34.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Shadow of the Sorcerer is a campaign sending two to six player characters from the backstreets of Messantia in Argos to a remote island in the Western Sea to the wastelands of Stygia. They must stop a diabolic ritual from bringing forth an ancient evil. Features: city descriptions of Messantia, Asgalun, and Zabhela, and the Stygian Valley of Set, a journey through the Acheronian afterworld in the Halls of Judgement, and many NPCs and new monsters. The Age of Conan Sourcebook is based on Funcom’s multiplayer online game, Age of Conan. Set in this variant Hyborian world, the book includes alternative means of play and alternate and new versions of areas like the Sanctum of the Burning Souls, the Dragonspine Mountains, the Purple Lotus Swamp, Atzel’s Approach, and the Hall of Crom. Features: 12 new character archetypes (Demonologist, Bear Shaman, Ranger, Conqueror, and more), clans and companions to add to characters and guild building, new weapons and relics, new magic (Gangrenous Touch, Touch of Healing, Venom Strike, and more), new foes (Stygian Deathmaster, Dark Beast, Frost Crawler, Blood Defiler, and more).
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Crawling Death - Below the Dying Forest by Creature Curation
  • SYSTEM: Mork Borg
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • DESCRIPTION: A 55 room, ever-shifting dungeon of crawling death. Randomly generate the dungeon and include specific rooms using four distinct adventure hooks or include all 55 in an ongoing mega-crawling death campaign.
100 goblonia.JPG

Goblonia by Wicked Clever
  • SYSTEM: unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover core rulebook
  • DESCRIPTION: A story-focused role-playing game about the hijinks of modern-day goblins pushing back against the rotten, evil Faetriarchy. Set in a ramshackle city, against the backdrop of an absurd war, this is a game of secret rebellion, chaotic missions, underhanded exploits, risky ventures, and random explosions. PCs create Goblins, build a Crew, and SMASH the Faetriarchy.
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100 spiral arena a.JPG
100 spiral arena b.JPG
100 spiral arena c.JPG
100 rumors and treasure.JPG
100 decks of destiny b.JPG

Fantasy Poster Maps | Spiral Arena Playmat Style A | Spiral Arena Playmat Style B | Octopus Lair Playmat Style C | Rumors and Treasures | Decks of Destiny - Newness Box A | Decks of Destiny - Newness Box B by Steve Jackson Games
  • SYSTEM: Fantasy Trip (Tollenkar’s Lair included with this linked version)
  • PRODUCT TYPE: two poster maps/playmats/cards/all the things in two nearly identical versions
  • RETAIL PRICE: $16/playmats are $60 each/$18/$150 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Poster Maps are the Duchy of Dran and the village of Bendwyn, the setting for the intro of Tollenkar's Lair. The Playmats are colorful 24” square playmat with hexes. The last one may be the lair of an octopus (not sure why that would be though). Rumors and Treasures contains 60 rumor cards with ready-to-use adventure ideas, as well as 100 treasure card. Decks of Destiny A contains: Player's Pack (cards, dry erase marker, and a character journal/expanded character sheet, Rumors and Treasures and a Treasures journal, Adversaries cards, 62 hex-shaped cards to quickly build labyrinths, a Labyrinth journal, 13 new sheets of double-sided dry-erase megahex tiles with a storage box, a new drop table printed on the inside lid of the box, 12 character sheet bookmarks, more cards, Octopus Lair Playmat C, Spiral Arena Playmat A, two metal D6, player tuckboxes, boxes of holding, and more. Decks of Destiny B is like A but with Playmat B. Oh, and one of the monsters is an octopus fighter which I assume lairs in the Octopus Lair. It makes more sense now.
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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

That backpack is a winner!!! :-D
I have the earlier, regular non-faux-dragon leather version. It's very nice with lots of storage areas and pockets to carry everything around conveniently. The main section fits four books (the core rulebooks plus an adventure) and a DM screen with no problems, while I put dice in the side compartment, and pencils and notebook in the front compartment. Since another person in the group handles minis, I use the top compartment for snacks.
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aramis erak

The Bog Octopus is a classic monster of TFT; it's a skin-breathing amphibious octopus, with at least prootwaddle level intelligence¹, and capable of rising up upon 3 or more of its tentacles, and wielding weapons with the others. ISTR that one of the adventures has an octopus in a cave lair, and that map would make for a really great fight with it...

1: Prootwaddles were a playable species that couldn't learn talents other than farming; a more extreme example of "joke species" than the DragonLance Aghar (Gully Dwarves).

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