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Pathfinder 2E gets spell cards and Starfinder gets cursed. Paranoia has R&D forms and a book on extinction level events that inevitably follows. Cyberpunk Red gets a GM screen. There is also a new easy playin’ hard rockin’ sword and sorcery RPG while Conan gets another supplement for the 2d20 system. There is a supplement for Sufficiently Advanced that introduces time travel. Finally, a sci-fi RPG box starting set is on sale.

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40 spell cards class focus.PNG

Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics and sales available from online retailers. It does not cover products that are only available to customers through kickstarter, directly from a publisher website, or as print on demand.

Spell Cards - Domain Spells | Spell Cards - Devotee Spells | Spell Cards - Class Focus Spells by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Pathfinder 2E
  • PRODUCT TYPE: deck of cards
  • RETAIL PRICE: $17.99/$14.99/$19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Domain Spells set includes 76 spell cards for all cleric focus spells for every cleric domain. The Devotee Spells set includes spell cards for all bonus spells granted by every one of the deities in the official pantheon for Golarion. The Class Focus Spells set includes focus spell cards for bards, champions, druids, monks, sorcerers, and wizards. Spells are placed one to a card, save a handful of highly complex spells spread over 2-3 cards
40 cursed space.PNG
40 cosmic curses.PNG

Cursed Space | Cosmic Curses by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Starfinder
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $13.99/$12.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Cursed Space includes brand new accursed archetypes, including the black hat, gremlintouched, and cursed colonist. It also introduces a new category of magic, the dying spell, cast as someone dies. Includes seven new spells including call the avenger and radiating pyre. Add to this nearly 30 brand-new curses including labile lunacy, kinslayer, and the propter infernis curse as well as10 Legendary Curses. Cosmic Curses brings accursed archetypes like the curseologist and cursed survivor, alongside curses for heroes and villains to cast upon their enemies like hands of rust, pariah’s exile, and metallic slumber. Includes a wide array of cursed objects and augmentations, including the ability to manufacture cursed items intentionally and how to incorporate magical technological, and hybrid technomagical cursed items like the alien hand and vanishing skin. Rules are included for cursed starships (watch out for gremlins) and accursed locations like impending doom, obsession’s grasp, and the curse of flowing blood.
40 experimental equipment.PNG
40 extinction class.PNG

Experimental Equipment Release Form Pack | Extinction-Class Incident Responses by Mongoose Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Paranoia
  • PRODUCT TYPE: tear away pad of 50 forms, digest sized softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $11.99/$24.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Experimental Equipment Release Form Pack is a pad of tear-away forms specially designed to keep track of the trouble Troubleshooters get in whenever they 'accept' items to test from R&D. Extinction-Class Incident Responses are for the second type of R&D experiment gone wrong. The first type of experiment goes pear shaped but there are times when an R&D experiment goes less pear-shaped and more mushroom-cloud-shaped. These are classified as extinction-class events because, to put it so a Troubleshooter can understand, they can literally destroy all of Alpha Complex, its citizens and maybe even Friend Computer! Includes15 different experiments that almost ended all that we know, love, hate, like, like-like and pretty much everything. An example is the Mobius Temporal Loop Recruiter. Recruit versions of you from other timelines as temps. What could possibly go wrong with that? Each comes with details on the experiment, its intended results, the actual results and some locations, NPCs, and a three-act mission prompt based on that experiment.
40 cyberpunk red data screen.PNG

Cyberpunk Red Data Screen by R. Talsorian
  • SYSTEM: Cyberpunk Red
  • PRODUCT TYPE: GM screen
  • DESCRIPTION: A four panel GM screen.
40 conan the scout.PNG

Conan the Scout by Modiphius Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Conan (2d20)
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover rulebook
  • RETAIL PRICE: $32.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A guide to life on the border, filled with information about the rugged world of the settlers, pioneers, hunters, and scouts, and their implacable enemies: the Picts. Hungry for expansion, the kingdoms of the dreaming west expand into the Pictish Wilderness. Vast and untamable, it hides mysteries and horror; it is a place of both danger and opportunity. Standing against the tide of barbarians to the north are the Rangers, striving to protect the innocents, and born in this frontier are the famed Bossonian Archers and the vaunted mercenaries of Gunderland. In this wild theater, the eternal struggle between civilization and savagery intensifies, and the people of this land hold the line against invasion.
40 barbaric.PNG
Barbaric! by Stellagama Publishing
  • SYSTEM: unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: compact softcover rulebook
  • RETAIL PRICE: $6.99
  • DESCRIPTION: A lightweight sword & sorcery ruleset for convention games, one-off adventures, and mini-campaigns. Includes: simple skill-based task resolution, fast and customizable character generation, 30 traits, brutal combat with varied combat maneuvers and critical hits, dangerous sorcery with 36 spells, 50 monsters, and treasures to loot. PCs play cunning thieves, power-hungry sorcerers, and barbaric warriors. Opponents include rampaging bandits, scheming nobles, diabolic demons, mighty dragons – and, ultimately, the rotten and ugly face of moribund civilization itself. Compatible with Stellagama Publishing's Cepheus Atom post-apocalyptic rules. Mutate your barbarians, arm them with laser rapiers, and bring dark sorcery to the post-apocalyptic wasteland.
40 chronotech.PNG

Chronotech by Valent Games
  • SYSTEM: Sufficiently Advanced
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $7.50
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs can now be built with Chronotech, a new Capability that brings information from the future. Use autoredactors to change sensitive information before your opponents steal it. Loop through time to line up the perfect shot or make the perfect argument. Use historical information from the future to uncover secret organizations today. New material for the GM includes: new civilizations and societies based around issues of time travel and foreknowledge, how the universe's existing civilizations will react to the ultimate disruptive technology, and advice on how to handle the tricky subject of time travel.

On Sale!

40 falling stars.PNG

Falling Stars RPG: Beginner Game by Lock ‘n Load
  • SYSTEM: Falling Stars
  • PRODUCT TYPE: boxed beginner set
  • RETAIL PRICE: on sale $16 ($39.99)
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs face off against the deadly machinations of several human factions as they struggle to extend their reach into the greater galaxy. In addition, a mysterious alien race has emerged whose ultimate intentions are unknown. Includes: a rulebook which includes the basic rules for role playing and skirmishing, a three-chapter adventure which can be launched into the GM’s own campaign or continued in the supplemental campaign book, eight pre-generated characters folios, full-color character counters, 28 mm scale full color printed maps for the adventure, and two ten-sided dice.

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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody


Solitary Role Playing
Not sure it's wise to use Prague's astronomical clock on the cover of a rpg book. It's a major touristic attraction and someone must own the rights to its use. I hope they did their homework.

Info on the clock:

(I've been there. It's great but it's in a recessed corner with lots of tourists trying to view it).


5ever, or until 2024
Not sure it's wise to use Prague's astronomical clock on the cover of a rpg book. It's a major touristic attraction and someone must own the rights to its use. I hope they did their homework.

Info on the clock:

(I've been there. It's great but it's in a recessed corner with lots of tourists trying to view it).
I don't think you can own the likeness rights to a historic monument like that.

I think you can freely portray the Washington monument, Eiffel tower, Big Ben and so on however you want. Go crazy!


Community Supporter
Not sure it's wise to use Prague's astronomical clock on the cover of a rpg book. It's a major touristic attraction and someone must own the rights to its use. I hope they did their homework.

Info on the clock:

(I've been there. It's great but it's in a recessed corner with lots of tourists trying to view it).
I'm not a lawyer, but pretty sure pictures of the clock are in the public domain. To your point, the entries on Wikipedia are indicative of its public visibility. Here's the Wikimedia Commons page: Category:Prague Astronomical Clock - Wikimedia Commons

Good catch though, I've used the clock in my own campaign and didn't recognize the clock's face from that cover!

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