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RPG Print News – Troll Lord Games, Exalted Funeral, and More

Lots of fantasy options this week. Sea monsters for D&D and an adventure for Castles & Crusades kicks us off. Next up is a mutating moth grub yearning to shoot god rays to immolate a kingdom for DCC RPG. Followed by a one on one fantasy adventure using its own system and a five part adventure series for the Fantasy Trip. To balance all the fantasy, Shadowrun includes guns and cybernetics to go with the spells cards.

PLEASE NOTE: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics and sales available from online retailers. It does not cover products that are only available to customers through kickstarter, directly from a publisher website, or as print on demand.

31 beasts of legend.jpg

Beasts of Legend - Sea Monsters by Legendary Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover monster book
  • RETAIL PRICE: $19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Includes over 60 beasts of the briny blue as well as 5th Edition rules for aquatic adventuring. Maritime monsters and nautical nemeses include mutant selachim sahuagin, reef hags, living islands, coral golems, slaughtermaw lamprey, and legendary foes like the scylla, charybdis, and the Midgard Serpen. Also covers monstrous sea life like giant squid, megalodons, deep tiger anemones, shipwrecker crabs, and ravenous urchin swarms.
31 bones of the companion.jpg

Bones of the Companion by Troll Lord Games
  • SYSTEM: Castles & Crusades
  • PRODUCT TYPE: adventure module
  • RETAIL PRICE: $10.99
  • DESCRIPTION: An adventure designed for a minimum of four PCs of various classes with an average of 8th level. A cleric is important to have and a paladin would be useful as well. The adventure begins in a city, town, village or fortification and can be placed in any campaign setting. The PCs travel from the basement of a recently deceased cleric to a in a pocket universe which some demons have invaded. The adventurers find themselves engaged in a struggle with these powerful creatures from the Abyss in a monolithic maze for the dead. The adventure was inspired by several of Reaper’s miniatures and a map penned by Dyson Logos.
31 2 worms 2 furious.jpg

2 Worms 2 Furious by Exalted Funeral
  • SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover adventure rulebook
  • DESCRIPTION: A deadly funnel for 15-20 0 level characters that revolves around an ever mutating and evolving moth grub. Because the grub adapts it also work for higher level PCs. The grub has escaped and the peasant PCs have been charged by the God-Queen to bring it back to the hatchery. The worm grows and grows and grows and grows. The growth unlocks new abilities for the worm grub, ranging from taking a snooze to spraying caustic acid. Its mutations don’t stop until it cocoons and becomes the Doombringer Moth. Scales will fall from its hallowed wings, and the god rays will immolate the kingdom. The Judge will have access to the royal guard, the knightly orders like Sky Knights, and the worm-locks and worm-hawks. I have to admit that this funnel sounds awesome.
31 in the hollow of the spider queen.jpg

In the Hollow of the Spider Queen by Trail of Dice Games
  • SYSTEM: unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventure rulebook
  • DESCRIPTION: A rules-light roleplaying game of gritty fantasy in a complex world where magic is slowly slipping away. Although designed for one player and one game master, adapting it to a typical group of 3-5 players is possible. Your mother, Queen Alyria, ordered the death of the great Spider. Now, fearing for your life in the ensuing turmoil, you flee the palace at Bastow to seek the relative safety of anonymity on the open road. You explore a continent you have never seen and meet creatures whose fate and yours intertwine for good or for ill. Includes many encounter tables, NPCs, and maps to evoke the world. Can also be mined for homebrew dungeon crawls or sandbox adventures.
31 the crown of eternity.jpg
31 curse of the pirate king.jpg
31 the catacombs of living death.jpg
31 roc of sages.jpg
31 the sunken library.jpg

The Crown of Eternity | Curse of the Pirate King | Roc of Sages | The Catacombs of Living Death | The Sunken Library by Gaming Ballistic
  • SYSTEM: The Fantasy Trip
  • PRODUCT TYPE: adventure module with 42 black and white print-them-yourself tokens for monsters and NPCs
  • RETAIL PRICE: $12/$12/$12/$15/$25
  • DESCRIPTION: A series of five adventures featuring the arcane archaeologist Jok C. Sevantes. In The Crown of Eternity the PCs are on a quest to bring the lost explorer back dead or alive or both. The party must cross a vast ocean, a treacherous desert, and a poisoned sea while under threat on all sides by competing factions and dire threats. Where the explorer failed the PCs must succeed and find the Crown of Eternity. Introduces the Indhyna League, a mysterious and well-funded group of treasure-seeking mages and scholars with their own agenda. In Curse of the Pirate King the party has to journey to the lost capitol of a vast pirate nation and retrieve the legendary Blade of Dawn. But the Indhyna League is now working against the PCs. Also, a curse brings strange “life” to the isle of the pirate king and the party must unravel how this can be so. Roc of Sages is designed for 4–6 characters of 34 to 36 points. Beset by League assassins, known as Collectors, the party must once again brave a desolate wasteland to recover certain cast-offs from the legendary Viridian Rocs, giant creatures not known for their gentle disposition. Catacombs of Living Death starts with the Red Plague coming to Athan. The adventurers must venture forth and travel through the plague-stricken land to enter the Catacombs of Eulogia and recover the powerful Helm of Baat. Designed is for 4–6 characters of 36–38 points. The Sunken Library is designed for 4–6 characters of 36–38 points. The plans of the party’s seemingly addled patron Jok Sevantes reach their fateful conclusion. His partners must bring all of their previously acquired (looted and pillaged) artifacts to a secret location to effect a final ritual, under the waters of a lake in far-off Nran. There, searching for a supposedly lost book in the sunken Great Library of Hrel matters become treacherously clear.

31 mobile grimoire.jpg

Mobile Grimoire Spell Cards by Catalyst Game Labs
  • SYSTEM: Shadowrun: Sixth World
  • PRODUCT TYPE: spell cards
  • RETAIL PRICE: $14.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Provides references to dozens of spells. Each spell includes game stats and rules so spells can be easily chosen to cast and go. Magic in the Sixth World is not about complex incantations, detailed hand movements, and long scrolls except when it is. The magic is about hitting fast, hitting hard, and moving on.
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Charles Dunwoody

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