RPG purchases you know you'll never use


Sage of the Scarred Lands
tburdett said:
Relics and Rituals 1 (book 2 is much better)

Wouldn't go that far. I Like the first book since it introduced a lot of great concepts. Also thanks to the book, regular paladins aren't just nice holy warriors. They can be down right FEARSOME! :) But you are right, R&R2 IS a upgrade over R&R1. Doesn't mean I think the old one bad though! :)

tburdett said:
Creature Collection 1 (book 2 is much better, hmm, a pattern?)

Well you'll be in luck then. They are revising CC1, (calling Creature Collection Revised), AND there will be an open call for CC3. :)

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I pikced up Oriental adventures, though I know I will never get to use it. I just like Oriental stuff, but my current group is deep into a campaign. Unless I find an OA group by PBEM, It'll probably just be a fun read...



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spunky_mutters said:
Living Steel

Unbelivable!! I thought I was the only person on the planet to ever buy this book. I never played it too.

I also bougth an never played :
Warhammer Fantasy RPG (Never found anyone who wanted to play)
BESM (too simple for me)
Fadingsuns (Very cool seting. I recovered large parts of it For my Dragonstar campaing)
and Mutant Chronicles


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Two games I thought were increadibly campy, and bought only for shock value:

Green Ronan's ORK!, which my friend made me buy with the intent to GM it because he played it once at a con. Its funny, but to funky for me to seriously play.

Battlelords of the 23rd century, which I bought at a con for maybe a doller fifty at the flea market. It has to be the most randomly complicated and impossible to play RPG ever. The art looks like it was done by a high school junior in Drawing and Painting class... uggh. Strait out of the mind of some math heavy super dork...


My copy of Warhammer fantasy roleplay game has only been used once for actual gaming since I bought it about 9 years ago. Read the rules a few times, no one ever wanted to play it! :(


Here is a partial list of my stuff:

Ars Magica (cool system, but will never get to play it. I'm hoping to use some of the rules for a d20 fantasy game someday, though.)

Mage-1st Edition (but this when WW was new and chic. Neat ideas but terrible execution. Hate the paradox rules.)

Streetfighter (IMO this is a cool game with a lot of potential. No one to play with though. And my group HATES WW games with passion.)

Aliens RPG (bought this years ago. Still don't know why...)

Hackmaster (bought the PHB for the 1st Edition memories. Prefer 3rd Ed. though so will likely never play it.)

Champions New Millenium (thought Fuzion would be a good alternative to my beloved HERO. Wrong!)

Top Secret/S.I. (a cool spy game put out by TSR years ago. Would love to play this someday. Even have the Commando supplement!)

Star Wars WEG/d20 (have almost all the books for both versions. Will likely never get to play...sigh...group just isn't interested.)

Heavy Gear (Cool artwork, but no one to play with and supplements were so expensive for me at the time, being a poor college student and all, that I lost interest.)

Jovian Chronicles (same as Heavy Gear above)

Star Trek LUG (would love to play Trek but my group aint interested so have given up the idea and likely won't buy the Decipher version)

Palladium Truckload (Have nearly every Palladium book written up until about 1995. Rifts, Ninjas, TMNT, Robotech, HU, you name it. Used to play a lot in high school. But never played in college and none of my old group is interested anymore.)

Cosmic Enforcers (terrible game that looked cool at first glance. Typos and editing problems galore. A blind monkey flinging feces could have written a better book.)

Hong Kong Action Theater! (awesome game! my group played once a long time ago and there is talk of bringing this game out of my storage locker and back to the game table for a break from DnD! Woohoo!)

Mekton Z (awesome game!! but will never get to play...sigh...)

Cyberpunk 2020 (cool game but the cyberpunk genre just seems passe nowadays. will likely never get to play it...)

Warhammer FRP (cool setting! rules are clunky and too lethal though.)

And many more.....Not to mention shelves full of 2nd Ed. DnD material and campaign settings and HERO 4th Ed. stuff that I would love to play again.)
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Amber Diceless...never can get people together to play that I don't still want to be friends with afterwards.

I did see a number of people here list Ars Magica though. Do yourself a favor and play it. Awesome game with an outstanding background of flavor and the best fantasy magic system ever.



I'm really enjoying this thread! Funny to see so many games listed that I've actually had successful fun campaigns of (Ars Magica, Streetfighter, Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Amber, Lost Souls) but then, I've always loved to at least attempt to take new games out for a spin and I've been fortunate over the years to have had some truly outstanding game groups.

Not to say I don't have half a room dedicated to games that I own but will never play. The most notable of these are probably SenZar, The World of Synnibar, Ysgarth (12th edition), Nephilim, Dragonstorm, Quest for Piptwyn's Scroll, Tank Girl, and Wraith.

:) I've got a whole huge closet full of other obscure titles that I suspect I could convince someone to play with me *someday* (or have played more than once in the past).



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Here's my list (I put FR in brackets when the game was French so that the non-French readers understand why they've never heard of the game !)

Amber : I played once with another GM and although I loved the concept, I never had the guts to try GMing it myself. I guess I don't like to feel, as a GM, that I'm deciding the outcome of every situation. Randomness can be a nice element ;)

Animonde (FR) : Weirdest RPG ever. I'm not even sure I read through all of it. Imagine a med-fan game with no violence and no combat system (more or less)

Blue Planet : Purchased it, read it, didn't like it, haven't sold it yet.

Chill : Bought it second hand for a laugh. Didn't make me laugh ;)

Chimères (FR) : That was to be the apotheosis of the Hurlements RPG (see below). In effect, it killed the magic of not knowing what Hurlements was all about. Not that I ever GMed either game anyway, but I did play Hurlements a bit.

Over the Edge : Weird game also. Never figured out how to play with and what to run...

Donjon Clefs en Mains (FR) : RPG off-shoot of the famous French comic "Donjon" which talks about a dungeon, surprisingly enough. Not much point in RPGing it, I thought it would be a lot funnier.

Dream Park : I loved the VR idea and how you could really mess up your players' minds with this. Never got a chance to do it yet.

Dying Earth : I love Vance. I'm unlikely to run Dying Earth anytime soon, but it's a good read and full of nice ideas.

Ecryme (FR) : Jules Verne-esque alternate world, very reminiscent of the "Terres Obscures" comic series by Schuitten and Peeters. Dreadful game system, but nice setting and nice atmosphere. If I had time I would shift it to another system and then maybe want to run it.

Empire Galactique (FR) : Woohoo ! The first French SciFi RPG ever. Terrible in many ways, but I was actually proud to have that in my collection for a while...

Empires & Dynasties (FR) : One of the most original French RPGs. Imagine a Jorune-like atmosphere, a Pendragon like lineage system (you were only expected to play a given character a few times, then you'd play his descendent, etc.) with wonderful artwork and superb maps. Played it a few times, never got a chance to GM. Terrible system.

End (The) : Loved the concept, but ultimately, I think it's very limited in scope. Still, I enjoyed reading it.

Guildes (FR) : Original and yet accessible MedFan with a twist game. I bought it but, ultimately, I just want to play it, not GM it. So until I get the chance...

GURPS : I have a few GURPS supplements as "research material" for other campaigns : Scarlet Pimpernel, Voodoo, etc. Never read the core book, don't even own it.

Hurlements (FR) : Probably one of the best RPGs I ever played. The GM handles all the system aspect, and the characters are part of a wandering caravan of shapeshifters in Medieval France. Lots of mystery and stuff the players don't know. I collected all the supplements, but didn't read them on the off chance that I'd get to play them sometime. I'm stupid like that...

Hystoire de Fou (FR) : Bought it because it was Denis Gerfaud's second RPG. Denis Gerfaud is the author of the best French RPG (IMO, of course) Rêve de Dragon. Ultimately, Hystoire de Fou is just too weird though. It's kind of an RPG where you explore people's mental problems...

Immortal : Bought it as support material for Nephilim, lots of great ideas, but it never really got anywhere.

In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas (FR) : Got it because every French RPGer has got to have read this. Could be fun, but I never got a chance to try.

Judge Dredd : Man did I love that game... Unfortunately, the only people I knew in France who read Judge Dredd didn't think it would make a good RPG setting. Never had a chance to try it out...

Kult : Bought this at the height of my Vampire / Mage years, but it was just too depressing.

Miles Christi (FR) : One of the most historically accurate games I know, I bought it more as support material for Nephilim (again), since you play Templar Knights in the heyday of the crusades. Never actually played it.

Nobilis : Bought it coz' I like to check out new concepts. Fun, but I wouldn't find players willing to try it out.

Noir : I love Film Noir and thought it would be great to roleplay in such a setting. The game is nice, but ultimately, the genre requires lonely characters, which is hard to combine with the RPG experience.

Pendragon : Liked it, tried to convince a friend to run it for years, never managed to.

Psychosis : Wow ! I love this thing. I've always wanted to run it as a one-off "alternate roleplaying experience". Never got around to doing it.

Puppetland : That was included in an issue of Arcane. It was fun and tragic at the same time. Great game concept.

Sengoku : I bought it to supply a coherent setting and system to medieval japan. This book is a gem, but as with all historical games, I don't have time to put in all the work that is required to run a believable campaign anymore...

Space 1889 : Played a few times, loved the setting. I collected all the books over the years, but never got to run it or use any of the stuff.

Talislanta : Like some aspects of the game world, but never did anything with it beyond stealing ideas.

Trauma (FR) : The first modern non-fantasy game I played. Had a few nice sessions with it, but that was it.

Tribe 8 : Great game concept, superb supplements, enthralling story line, I guess I kept on buying the supplements just to know what was gonna happen. I don't think I'll ever have the courage to educate my players into this complex game world.

Wraith : the Oblivion : Bought it because it was part of the WoD games and I really liked the first three. But if Vampire was angst ridden and potentially tragic, this really was as depressing as hell. Never used it, never will.

Guess that's about it. If you guys want to see which games or systems I do use, check out here
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