RPGNet and RPGMatch merge


I crit!
I didn’t know about RPGMatch until now. Folks from RPGNet are sticking around as part of the new entity.

From Lin Codegas story in Rascal News.

Joaquin Lippincott, the owner of RPGMatch, will be the new owner of RPGnet. In an email to Rascal, Lippincott stated that “RPGnet is by far the more storied property, so while the ownership is also changing, RPGMatch is becoming a part of RPGnet pantheon, not the other way around.”


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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Wasn't aware of RPG Match....oh wait. I already have an account with RPG Match. Oops. I guess I was aware of it at some point in the past. Just logged in and I can see why I forgot about it. It just isn't intuitive and I don't find it useful to find games. Focusing on individual player-to-player connections just doesn't work well for finding games to join. I guess for recruiting players, it might be useful, but it all feels like a big hassle.

Also, I filtered users by Milwaukee, WI, USA. Zero results. Blah.

As for RPG Net, I'm aware of it, but it never stuck with me. Not sure why ENWorld is so sticky for me and RPG Net is not. They seem very similar. But I never even bothered to create an account there. It just doesn't grab me. Not sure why...

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