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RSS Feed Down

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R.G. Wood
Hi Amaril,

Thanks for that, that seemed to work. :)

However, I do notice that this link is the feed for all the forums: is there anyway I can just get a feed for the news on the front page?


That's the one thing I haven't figured out yet. I can get individual forums, including the News forums, but I can't figure out how to capture everything on the front page from one feed.

I did find one thing, but I got a message saying something about not being allowed to see future news items.


First Post
I too would love to see RSS feeds 100% working for the site.

Admins: there is one change that I think can be made relatively easily to get it mostly working. The source code for the main page lists the RSS feed as this:


Individual forums such as the 4e Rules forum list feeds in their source code like this:


The dev.enworld.org simply needs to be changed to www.enworld.org to get the feed to work. I bet that it's a preference that can be changed in the software to get the source to generate correctly.

The one feed that would be great to have would be a feed for the news on the front page. Anything that it posted there shows up as being under the /articles subdirectory. I can't seem to figure out if there is a feed just for those posts. The main feed listed on the main page seems to be a compilation of all posts from all forums. I think a better place for that feed would be on the main forums page.



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I'd love to see this as well, enworld has tons of great news, but I tend to miss out on some of it without RSS feeds.


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Since the page load takes soooooooo long (ok, the new front page doesn't, but let's be honest, the new front page is not a front page), what about fixing the rss feed?

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