Russ, email problems?

J Ryan just passed along the email woes you've been having. Just tell me whether you received the following emails:

*Me to you and Jake, with the complete layout and typo suggestions/corrections.

*Jake to me and you, with his comments on my document.

*Me back to you and him, giving my thoughts about OGC.

Also, were you going to replace the old logo with the slightly edited, darker 20 version? I could likewise change the fourth plate of the scrolling gif to have the new version, if you think it's worth the effort to change it.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
My email is back up and running as of earlier today, but I didn't get those mails you mention. Could you send them again?

Also, I'm having trouble with the logo - it's too big and I'm no good with graphics packages. When I try to make it the right size, it goes all black!

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