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Ryan Dancey: This is why there was no M:tG setting for D&D


Red Steel is very possible, but this has to come together with the complete pack of Mystara.

You wouldn't have to do Mystara, but they might be able to get away with a Glantri (City of Mages - Mystara)/Red Steel (Savage Baronies)/Nithia (Hollow World) bloc.

And we would need a Bargle planeswalker/deck to beat up on.

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Red Steel/Savage Coast has got pirates and mutants with superpowers. Perfect to test some ideas about firearms and superheroes to later to be used in a future new edition of d20 Modern. But it would be a bad strategy to publish Red Steel without a clear plan for the rest of the world. Hollow World is perfect if you want to publish a franchise as a kid-friendly version of Conan and you add dinosaurs and megafaun from the ice age.

But Mystara isn't ready for the new "crunch", classes and PC races added in the last editions.

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