S3: The Scythe of Seto (Bront Judging)[Completed]


Not a lot of treasure in this one. But let's assume you searched the bodies of the fallen, and that the coins paid for the 'identification'

From Sangter: +1 small metal shield (1009gp)
+1 throwing axe (2008gp)

From Lothar: MW heavy crossbow (formerly Nurlan's) (350gp)
Adamantine dwarven war axe. (3030gp)
(Buy prices added by me)

It just struck me that we never divided the loot here. Assuming that Eusebius doesn't take a share, as he indicated, that would mean we all get 800gp each (actually, 799gp, 6 silvers and two coppers according to the book, but I'm counting on Ogrins recent good luck helping out with those 15 final silvers)


That loot is yours to divy as you will. If you do your sales at Rinaldo's shop, though, he might recognize that crossbow as Nurlan's. & take those 15 silvers for god's sake.