Level Up (A5E) Salaries in Gears of Revolution for A5e


I'm gearing up to run Gears of Revolution with the A5E rules, and it's generally a pretty seamless conversion, mostly just adding in new rules elements when they seem appropriate to the narrative. The only thing that seems off is the requisition/salary reward numbers getting thrown around between adventures. For example, the adventure path has the PCs getting "audited" down to 16,000 GP worth of stuff at 6th level each.

That's wildly out of whack with the Treasure by Level guidelines for A5E, which I calculate should put a 6th level PC around 2200 GP, or 3500 if we're looping in 7th level. Additionally, I'm not totally sure what the players will be spending the money on, as they already get magic items provided through the Prestige system. There's some useful mundane equipment and they could start working on a stronghold, and it would make sense to open up acquisition of some magic items with money (though that level of gold would rapidly outpace the rewards from prestige in the player's campaign guide).

To be honest, I'm not sure that amount of money makes any more sense in base 5e. Should I rework those numbers down to match the expectations in T&T, or am I missing a gold-sink opportunity in the adventure path?

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