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Scales of War - Battle Maps


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The easel pads have 50 sheets that fit my table, I can flip through multiple maps at a session, and when I'm done they all stay together and store quickly under the couch. What are the advantages that gaming paper would have instead?
Probably not that many, then.

You can get gaming paper in rolls (think wrapping paper), which is a double-edged sword. It lets you get exactly the size you want, but is hard to reference if you leave it on the roll.

The pads are more, smaller sheets than you're using there. If you tend towards a lot of small or cramped battles, it'd probably be more efficient.

It also does come in sweet background colors. Which isn't that big a deal, but does a nice job of setting tone if you have a few different options.

I probably wouldn't worry about it unless there's a big price difference or you find you're wasting a lot of space, though.


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I love the 6th one, with the "Don't Forget Saving Throw" and the note about pet hoarding.
Thanks for taking the pictures in the first place.
Those are some excellent maps. Wish I had had those.


Thanks. I love digital cameras. I wish I had photos like this of past games I've played in. They're fun to scroll through on occasion. Especially the graph pad ones because you never know what will get doodled on them over the course of the session.

Forgot your saving throw again? Ron Swanson recommends a giant eagle with fire to remind you drawn bigger than the map itself.

Had a fatality this last game. PC charged off by himself leaving the party behind. Stupid tactically, but completely in character for the character and not exactly mourned by the rest of the group.

I narrated some pictures I have of the fight here: http://jairami.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-world-tree.html Could be spoilers for Scales of War players though I'm taking liberties all over the place so your mileage may vary.


Been a few months, updated with all the mayhem we've been up to. Airship to dragon combat, airship to airship combat, airship smashing into fort combat, you know, the usual...


I changed the sort of the images to reverse chronological. Was a pain to drag each new image to the end of the list to keep it in order the old way. Enjoy!

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