WotBS Scouring of Gate Pass - The Gauntlet Battlemap


Hey all I am preparing Scouring of Gate Pass on roll20 at the moment and the overall quality is so high that the map of the Gauntlet reeaaaalllly sticks out (in a bad way).
So I got inkarnate and did my first try at a battlemap!
It's a huge area to cover so I am not sure how this will work ingame yet. Feedback is very welcome!
(I didn't activate the grid so everyone can scale to their needs.)
Of course you are all free to use it and I am willing to improve the map if you all have suggestions.



  • The Gauntlet.jpg
    The Gauntlet.jpg
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I always wanted to update this but did not have the right tools to do so (I tried CC3+ but did not have the patience for it). You inspired me to try out my new copy of Dungeondraft that I got a few weeks ago. I added a new version of the gauntlet to the WotBS errata download.

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