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Sean's Pick of the Day (110416): Ultramodern5-SRD/OGL

For those looking for a solid foundation for their post-medieval, non-fantasy 5th Edition creations, Dias Ex Machina Games has a highly popular and very effective option. The release of this OGL/SRD iteration of their Ultramodern5 product means you've got a single toolkit ready-at-hand to start creating your setting and adventure ideas in the latest version of D&D rules.


Ultramodern5 is presented as an SRD under the OGL to both support 5th Edition and to encourage more alternative games using the system. We are hoping that this SRD will be used in the spirit it is offered.

All new rules presented in this file are considered open content. As there is no artwork, characters, or maps included in this edition, they are not open content. This file is only offered for the purposes of reference, and as such does not include a contents page, an index, artwork, maps, adventures, or setting ideas.

Ultramodern5-SRD/OGL is offered as a "Pay What You Want" if fans wish to support Dias Ex Machina in producing original content. Alternately, you could purchase the official Ultramodern5 book, which does include everything removed from this SRD.

Ultramodern5 is the follow-up of the popular Ultramodern4

The mission of U5 is to present 5th EDITION rules for use in non-fantasy settings. These include pre-modern settings, contemporary settings, and those that are far flung fantastic and futuristic. U5 presents modern and science fiction rules in a game usually reserved for fantasy. There is no established setting in U5.

It presents classes, gear, and scenarios that can be inserted into any campaign.

You may explore the rules in whatever context you wish. Rules are generalized, encouraging homebrew settings and the rebranding of elements.

Create a pure science fiction setting, or insert these rules into your own fantasy world to offer a unique spin.


A revised “ladder” system, offering more adjustability with character creation. Modify your class with one of seven ladders.

Revamped rules around being human.

A new lifepath system incorporating backgrounds (with eleven new ones) into an adjustable life history where characters can select every aspect of their character’s history, from family and friends to past love affairs.

Ten new classes including the infiltrator, medic, sniper, and techie.

Twenty-four archetypes

All new weapons including traditional firearms, rocket launchers, and laser rifles

New armor including powered combat suits.

Purchase and modify vehicles

Over forty new monsters including giant robots.

By the way, for those who've been wondering - "OGL" means it falls under the Open Gaming License, while "SRD" means it's a System Reference Document. That means "very technical in presentation, no frills."

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