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Search appears to be broken

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Just for info. We have software for the searches that has decided to be finicky. I can’t go into details.
Sounds very "hush-hush" ;-)

Anyways, just another example where site specific search engines generate a lot of maintenance. But is it really worth it, when Google offers a free alternative that often (but not always) is clearly superior...?

If EN World has made a deliberate informed decision to maintain a search engine of its own (i.e. the one that comes with the forum software), great - I'm not here to denigrate anyone's efforts.

I'm just saying perhaps it could save y'all maintenance hours if Xenforo search was supplemented by a custom Google search widget thingy (that basically inserts the "site" operator) people could use while the ordinary functionality is down (and perhaps even when it's up too)...?

Best regards

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