DDAL Season 10 information very little at the moment


Rotten DM
Hmm fast review Page 3 Snowflake rating limits what is available in towns. 1 snowflake nothing over 25 GP.
Alignment Change needs a remove curse or you are remove from play. Which is strange since Season 9 turn you into LE and you could just change your alignment between sessions because it did not affect the mechanics.
Missed the Good Mead speaker thing.
Chapter 2 is level locked up to 7th
Lasers WHOO HOO! 1 per player. And it explodes if you don't pass an int check.
Chapter 3 is level locked to 6th. Since this conflicts with 2. I am level locking Chapter 2 to 6th.
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Rotten DM
Quick wash which is easy because they used a lighter font
Kenku race added.
3 campaigns. Season 10 called Seasonal campaign, Master Campaign = Red wizards, Histroic all the prior seasons. No trading between campaigns.
Save Haven box moved to Renown section.

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