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Secrets of Xen'drik (Book Approval)


Okay so its only 40 minutes into the new year, but I thought I'd go through my collection of Eberron stuff and see what books could be proposed. This one was published 6 months ago this month.

I propose that we allow all stuff from this book as we have for other Eberron books.

I can list all content in this post if required later.

EDIT: Added list

  • Landforged Walker
  • Primal Scholar
  • Scorpion Wraith

  • Blessed of Vulkoor
  • Drow Skirmisher
  • Earthquake Stomp
  • Elder Giant Magic
  • Giant Bane Magic
  • Jungle Veteran
  • Mysterious Magic
  • Rending Claws
  • Echoing Spell
  • Drow Scorpion Warrior

  • Chitin Armor
  • Dreamhide
  • Vine Armor
  • Scorpion Breastplate
  • Giant Patchwork
  • War chitin
  • Drow Long Knife
  • Scorpion Claw Gauntlet
  • Drow Scorpion Chain
  • Yuan-it serpent bow
  • Sand pipe
  • Blackroot Oil
  • Eternal Rations
  • hunter's kit
  • Jungle Outfit
  • Panther Tears
  • Rubbing Kit
  • Vermin Ointment

  • Arquis Tellora
  • Bracers of the Hunter
  • Siberys Compass
  • Firesled
  • Shifting (weapon enhancement)
  • Vulkoor's Headdress
  • Behemoth Belt
  • Belt of Fortification
  • Claw Gauntlet
  • Elemental Axe
  • Essence of the Jungle
  • Spinning Flail

  • Firebrass
  • Blood glass

I've left off artifacts.
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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Xen'drik's new content (game-wise) is pretty limited, and I did not have any issue w/ it last I looked. The arcane PrC is interesting, but not borked IIRC. The feats did not seem overpowerful.

I'll wait on more discussion before a vote.

Rystil Arden

First Post
We need to also think about whether or not we want the actual 'Secrets' in the book to be canon in LEB. Eberron isn't meant to require the books as canon, after all, and Xen'drik is meant to be the continent of secrets.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Many of the "secrets" (save for the one about the 'forged) are bits a pieces that do not have any Khovaire-shaking revelations. I'm fine w/ them as stated.

Rystil Arden

First Post
Ah, I haven't read it through (little brother owns all the Eberron books, so when I visit, I rummage through them looking for broken stuff now that I'm a judge)


I haven't had a chance to read through it in detail either, but I had actually hoped for something with more specific detail. They did a great job of sticking with their mandate of leaving Xen'drik as a continent of mystery for individual dms to build as they wish.

The game content is nothing special really, but it might appeal to some.


Erekose13 said:
[*]Echoing Spell

I really like this one, although a caster needs to be quite high level to take advantage of it. (I think it also had a prerequisite, was it 12 ranks spellcraft?)


I don't have this book, and the only one I recall is Echoing Spell. I'll vote YES to that feat, but as to the rest I don't have enough information to evaluate them.


First Post
I lack the book (I'm in the same boat as RA; little brother owns the books, except the ECS, so I only get to read when I'm in town).

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