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Jeff Wilder

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If you're like me, you know it can be difficult to find a stable group online.

If you're an online GM, I can't promise you a stable group, but I can promise that I'm a dedicated player. If I agree to a day and time, I'll make 95 percent of sessions, barring only emergencies. I'll actually make the game a priority, and I'd love to find a similarly committed group.

I'm looking for a game that uses online mapping tools and something like Skype. I'm willing to make reasonable purchases to enable my participation.

I like creating effective characters, but I'm neither a power-gamer nor a hard-core dramatist. I fall very close to the middle between those extremes, and that kind of middle-ground is the kind of game I'm looking for. I'm good at driving the action when that's necessary, but I'm not a spotlight hog. I actually prefer letting others take the lead.

My schedule (in Pacific time) would allow gaming any weekday starting at 2:30 PM and going no later than 9:00 PM. Pretty much any time on Saturdays would work. I could commit to a bi-weekly game on Sundays. (I currently GM Mutants & Masterminds on alternate Sundays.)

I can be reached at:

jeff dot wilder at yahoo dot com

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