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Sell me on Savage Worlds

Do I get a bonus action?"
Me (as DM, knowing the answer): I don't know; do you?

Use management techniques. Praise them when they get it right, and dont be afraid to punish them slightly when they get it wrong.

I have a Rogue player that constantly asks me how to get sneak attack, and how to use cunning action. I've explained to her a dozen times now. I then got tired of it, and moved to saying nothing, waiting for her to tell me. If she forgets to use either now I don't remind her anymore (other than a raised eyebrow look), or if she does it wrong (applying sneak attack when the target is not eligible for example) I'll give her a sharp 'no' or if she does it twice, have her attack suddenly miss altogether.

Im OK with teaching the game. Im not OK with casual gamers that CBF knowing the basic rules of the game that they're playing, and making me constantly repeat myself.

I have players ask me if they need to roll a Wild Die when I ask them to make a Vigor check.
Me (as DM): We've gone through this before, and it's in the rulebook which you need to read, and should have read already. The answer is 'Yes'. Now hand me one of your Bennies for asking a question you already know the answer to.

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