Pathfinder 1E [SF Bay Area] Seeking one player each: M&M and Pathfinder ...

Jeff Wilder

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When: Every other Sunday, 2 PM to 7:30 PM. (The M&M and Pathfinder games alternate Sundays.)

Where: At my home in Daly City, about five miles south of SF and just barely north of Pacifica.

Who: Currently four players plus GM. We've got room for a fifth player in each game.

The Pathfinder game will be a brand new game. We haven't actually launched it yet. The M&M game is a few months old and going very well.

We are 30- to 42-years old, professionals, mostly non-smokers, laid back, and run the gamut from moderate roleplayers (i.e., some folks occasionally do an accent) to folks who are in it for the beer and pretzels (not provided, but welcome at the table). You're hopefully in the same ballpark, but we're not asking for (or expecting) clones.

If either game (or both) interests you, please contact me via email at:

jeff underscore wilder nospace 2000 at yahoo dot com

We'll schedule a sit-in session in which you can decide if we're a good group for you, and vice-versa. We'll notify each other via email (not at the session).

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