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Jeff Wilder

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We have two alternating Sunday games (Pathfinder and M&M), and could use a player for each. (Each game currently has a GM and four players.) Each game runs from 2 PM to 7:30 PM (sometimes ending a bit earlier).

Beginners are welcome in both games; you should be familiar with face-to-face RPGs, but we're completely okay with teaching the system(s).

Pathfinder - The game begins on 1/9/11, with a character generation and general hang-out-and-BS session. The DM has not yet chosen the published campaign he's using, but it's likely to be either the Council of Thieves adventure path or the Castle Whiterock mega-dungeon.

M&M - This is an ongoing game at PL 10 (current PCs have 160 to 165pp) set in San Francisco (in the Freedom City universe, more or less). Heroes are members of the Bay Area Freedom League (BAFL).

ABOUT US - We're geeks through and through, ranging in age from mid-20s to early-40s. We're pop-culture fanatics. We're laid-back and pretty uniformly liberal, but we're vulgar, profane, and insensitive. We're non-smokers. We like having effective characters, but none of us (quite) rises to the level of power-gamer. A few of us are gay, if that matters.

ABOUT YOU - If you read the above paragraph and it reminded you of you, then you might be a good fit, and you should contact me about one or both games. You should be willing to sit in a session to make sure we all get along. (The 1/9 char-gen session will serve for PFRPG. In the M&M game, you'll be asked to play an NPC hero for a session.) You need to have trust for the GM.

ABOUT WHERE WE PLAY - We call it The Cathouse, and it's the residence of two of the players. It's not a clever name ... there are three cats, so allergies can be an issue. It's in Daly City, very near Pacifica. We have a dedicated gameroom with thousands of miniatures and lots of accessories. We enjoy playing Rock Band both before and after sessions. The Cathouse is recreationals-friendly, but we won't tolerate miscreantism under the influence.

If interested, or if you have questions not answered here, please contact me at:

jeff dot wilder at yahoo dot com

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