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D&D 4E Shado's 4e Color Landscape Sheets v1.2: UPDATED 6/24


Well, seeing that Shado hasn't been seen on these boards in a little over a year, I doubt this is the best way to contact him.

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Some of the Calculations were not working in the fill-able version, so I made another one with no calculations. This is just a manual fill version. Every field is fill-able. I also added the Mod +1/2 level column in the stats section at the top.


  • Shado's 4e D&D Character Sheet FIllable.pdf
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  • Shado's 4e D&D Powers Sheet fillable.pdf
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Any way you could design one with the skills done in a layout similar to Essentials? I like the idea of the skills being below the attribute they are based on.

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