D&D 4E Shado's 4e Color Landscape Sheets v1.2: UPDATED 6/24


UPDATE: Version 1.2 available - 6/24/08

Files in this post.

v1.2 Revision notes here .

v1.1 Revision notes here .


Greetings all!

I've been playing D&D for nearly 25 years, and since the beginning, I've been making my own characters sheets.

I initially started drawing the sheets for all my friends by hand. Late in the 2e cycle, I finally got a computer, and was crazy enough to make my first computer sheets in paint. I've since improved my methods, and as my software skills have improved, so has my design.

The release of 4e marks the first time that I've made the effort to share my work beyond the table of my gaming group.

I'm a big fan in the merging of form and function, and I've learned a lot from my gaming group in what works and what doesn't. I've done a lot to bring this all together.

The design is intended to be used with power cards, so it may not be appropriate for all tables.

Anyway, I'd love feedback. The sheet will evolve as I get a chance to play more 4e, but constructive criticism is very welcome, and can only help me improve it with time.

Let me know what'cha think.


P.S. - The Ritual Sheet will be ready soon. EDIT: It's ready! :D


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I like them so far :)

Would need to play with them to see how "effective" they are, but I would tip on them being quite good in play :)


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There are really very nice — excellent work.

The format of the weapon/powers section of the combat area seems like it could use some improvement. I suppose a fighter with a lot of weapons might have a slew of basic attacks, but most people will have at most two. And isn't it only humans who have more than two at-wills?

I guess my point is: I see the reason for versatility in this section, but it'd be even nicer to have the color-coding be meaningful at a glance rather than having check-boxes.

Maybe the thing to do is produce multiple versions of the PDFs with different options. :)


Right now, I'm sheet-shopping, looking for the perfect in-game sheet, and once I've got some choices, I'll narrow down the list. Some are visually appealing, like this one, while others are very well organised, though they all lack one thing I greatly desire; an RP info sheet. Things like Mental, Physical, and Historical descriptions, Portrait space, campaign and character notes, etc. That'd be lovely. Though it's your choice, ultimately, I'd like to see this. If you could add one, I'd appreciate that!

EDIT: If I didn't make it clear, this sheet is GORGEOUS. And, while usability is very high as-is, it improves immensely if the added utility of an RP sheet is there.
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Whoah, this looks fantastic. Can't say how functional, but looks good. Need to try it.

I used to draw my own too ;). Have since done in words so I can type details in. Ever done one so nice in word? :)

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Nice sheet, I like the color and layout.

Some things to consider:
- Maybe use the power spaces on the 1st page just for at-will powers.
- For the Power sheets, add a way to mark which powers are memorized, vs just in spell book (wizards only).

Maybe a rights-enabled form so it can be filled in and saved.

I'm sure it will be improved though use, but I must say it's purty...
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Freaking awesome. Think you could make them writable or convert them into spreadsheets? I like gadgets that can think for themselves.


Thanks for the compliments everyone! It's nice getting feedback on a broader basis.

Mattdm: The "general-ness" of the combat section is due to how powers combine with weapons in 4e. The same weapon can have different bonuses to-hit and damage depending on what power is being used with it. I'm a big fan of one sheet for everyone. However, that doesn't mean you're wrong. I've lamented the combat section more than any other. I'll keep chewing on it and see if I can improve it.

Siberys: I know what you mean. It's not something I generally use for myself, but an RP sheet could easily be implemented as a separate sheet. Unfortunately, it could be a bit before I could get something like that put together. I've got a lot of other materials to prep for my gaming group, and I'm in the midst of possibly starting a new career. So chaos abound. :D
I'll definitely keep it in mind though.

Connorsrpg: Nothing so graphic oriented. This one was designed in Illustrator. (My first go at the software actually.) My last Word sheet was for 3.5. I found it pretty confining, even after "mastering it" so to speak. Now that I'm getting the hang of Illustrator, I doubt I'll go back.

EdPovi: The power spaces were done with the thought of having a quick reference for the total to-hit and damage mods on your most used powers. Again, I intended the sheet to be used with either a separate combat sheet or power cards. As a level 30 character can easily have 10 or so attack powers, and the specifics of which can very based on weapon so greatly. It's rather tough to keep all the most referenced material on one side of character sheet with that level of diversity.

That does give me some ideas on improving the power sheet though. You're right, it isn't as Wizard friendly as it could be, but the front should easily double as a combat sheet. I'll try and get some work headed in that direction.

Saben: Don't yet know Acrobat that well, but making an auto-calc version is on my mind. Kinda lower priority to tweaking the layout, and further developing the power sheet and ritual sheet, but it's on the list. No promises on when I'd have it ready though.

Again, thanks for the feedback and compliments. I hope to have an updated version sometime next week after my gaming group gets some real world experience with it. (And I get some more time to work on it.)


awesome sheet, makes the wizards one look amateur

some thoughts
*increase the number of lines for appearance (minor)
*switch the money area to the other side and under abilities add racial abilities

other than that I can not see much wrong with it

really liked
*xp on 2nd page
*the equipment worn section
*more than 4 powers on first page
*overall layout and aethetics

overall I give it nine thumbs up :D


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Wow, great sheets, The only thing that I'd change is the font that has been chosen for the 'At-Will' 'Encounter' and 'Daily' boxes, they tend to look a bit blurry when printed, (most likely because they are white on dark blue. Even there, they are readable, I just think they could be a bit sharper.

I've been looking at all of the sheets that people have created and this is my favorite so far.


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Best sheet I've seen so far. Nice work...

Shado, If you are interested, I took this sheet and make it into a fillable form for my personal use. I could send you a copy if you'd like.


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krocha said:
Best sheet I've seen so far. Nice work...

Shado, If you are interested, I took this sheet and make it into a fillable form for my personal use. I could send you a copy if you'd like.

Umm... post it? :D

Very nice work Shado.

My group is going to be kicking off Keep on the Shadowfell with our own characters (as the pre-gens outright blow) tomorrow night, so these will come in quite handy.

And I echo the request for krocha to post the form-fillable version he made (mostly because my handwriting is either atrocious or microscopic and I like having character sheets that someone other than me can decipher).


2nd Level DM
Awesome sheet. Just a question: isn't it implements? English is not my primary language, so I'm not that sure.


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