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D&D 4E Shado's 4e Color Landscape Sheets v1.2: UPDATED 6/24


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I like this sheet very much. Nice format, nice layout. Nice Visual too.
The idea of going Landscape instead of letter is good too.
Only thing i'd say about the power section is that it's a little small if you have a power with multiple effects, say primastic spray of these two-time attacks for martial.

overall 9 eyestalks out of ten.

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Khaalis said:
Very nice. A bit rich for my blood though. ;)

Quick question on this. Does the program allow you to place any picture file on the card or is it proprietary to their "design" software? I ask because I'd love to use these for printing the .jpg files from MSE for power cards and wonder if it would work. Thanks.

Yeah... Illustrator isn't for everyone. I was fortunate that it was included with my video production software.

As for Plain Cards, I don't have their program. Just bought the card stock. Measure out on the sheets wear the card are set, and made a template of my own to print from. So I just copy and paste my jpg files to the template, then I can print.

However, as I understand it, their software should accept most file types.

Wulfbein: Thanks! I'm meaning to re-tackle the power sheet this week. I've had a few observations of my own, and suggestions from others that are all very valid. Hopefully, I can implement some positive changes and gain a little more space.


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krocha said:
Hey Shado,

It's too big for me to upload here. I can send it to you but I'll need an email address. I don't have anyway of hosting it here.

I'll post it to my mediafire acct. if someone will send me a copy of the form (wpeacock AT gmail dot com).


Hey everyone! New version 1.1 is up!


- Zip file now includes my new Ritual Sheet!
- Colors are now more PHB accurate.
- Milestone marker moved next to Action Points.
- Increased writing space to HP box.
- Added Healing Surge calculation boxes.
- Corrected spelling errors
- Added "Misc. Mod." box to weapon & implement section.
- Gave "Valuables" section a heading.
- Added Residuum section to Valuables.
- Added sections for normal load, heavy load, max drag and total weight carried.
- Enhanced readability of "At-Will", "Encounter" and "Daily" check boxes.


Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the revisions to the Power sheet I had hoped to make by this point in time. (Work's been a little crazier than usual.) Really wanted to include those in this revision, but it would mean not getting the rest of the updates out to you all until sometime next week at the earliest, and I promised the first revisions this week. I really think my new direction is an improvement, and hopefully will be able to present those changes soon.

Thanks again to everyone who's downloading and using the sheets! Thanks for the compliments and criticisms! I really want this to be the best sheet out there and will continue to listen, and do what I can to improve.

As of the update, I was up to 500 downloads for the first version! :D

As much as I appreciate what others, Necros (spl sorry) in particular, has done with Char Sheets, your is my, and my players, choice hands down!!!

Simply put, you cant beat colour and with powers colour coded for 4E, your helps.

I really hope you take the time to get an extra character development sheet together. Again best job out there and far better than excel files imho.


darkapok said:
Any chance that fillable version is still on the way? I have horrible hand writing, thanks.

Unfortunately, it appears that I need Acrobat Pro in order to make a form version, and I only have Standard. :(

Krocha, had a version made up from version 1 of the sheet, but I don't believe has posted it as of yet.


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I am greatly impressed by your character sheet. Should I find myself with extra time I will make a fillable version as I do have Adobe Profession. Though it wouldn't be for another 2 or 3 weeks as I am very busy working on my new 4th Ed. campaign.


Love the character sheets.

One request though. Any chance you could make a DM's character sheet? I like having a coles notes version of the PC's sitting behind the screen for reference and although I've banged together a quick sheet in Word it's a function over style sort of sheet. Pretty ugly as a matter of fact.

I attached it as an example, but like I said, it's ugly as sin. I'd be forever in your debt if you could jazz it up a bit.


  • Quicksheets.doc
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I like your sheet, but I would really like to have a fillable / saveable version.

I have 2 suggestions:
- Replace the Surges Used box with a couple of rows of checkboxes, I prefer to check of when I'm using them.
- Add a used checkbox for the powers sheet to keep track of which powers are spent for the encounter / day.


Knight of Solamnia
That's really slick. Typically, I don't care for landscape sheets, but this may be the exception.

I hate to say it, but I may like this one better than Ema's 4th edition sheets.

Morandir Nailo

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I'm unable to read the sheets. When I open them with Acrobat, I get this message: "There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document (9)." Any idea what could be going on?


Orryn Emrys

Over the past couple of days, I've spent a handful of hours working up my own 4E character sheet, as I've often done in the past. Frequently, though there are numerous other efforts out there, I am never really satisfied. There's always something about other peoples' custom sheets that just doesn't click for me... sometimes its in the layout, or the details of a given section... sometimes I just don't like the look.

As of this morning, I'm throwing out the sheet I proudly finished last night... for yours. Congradulations. You somehow managed to "fix" the issues I was having with the look of my own sheets.



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These sheets are amazing! Been searching for a while now for a decent character sheet as i really don't like the cramped official ones.

Only thing is that a fillable version would ultimately be better (not auto-calculating, just fillable), as my handwriting is pretty hard to read!


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After spending hours trying to make one of my own, This one still beats it. Now, all I need is an RP sheet, and I'm golden!

Thanks Shado!

Black Plauge

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It would be nice to have a ability check modifier box in addition to the normal modifier box (i.e. while a character with 16 strength has a +3 modifier, they also get to add 1/2 their level when making a strength check). The math is easy, but the less math at the table the better.

When printed the hollow styled text don't show up very well and it gets worse as the text goes down on the page. I can make out "STR" but "Combat" and "Skills" might as well not have been printed.

Other than that, this is almost exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for.


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Great Sheet! Much better than the crowded WOTC one.

I too would like the ability stat to be added to the weapon/implement to hit and damage calculation. Some space could be taken from the name area and the properties to cover it.

Also noted that the armor/magic items on the back is missing the shield bonus.

Looking forward to the next update.