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D&D 5E Shadow or Kensai for Halfing Monk-Bladesinger multiclass


I am doing a Halfling Bladesinger-Monk ina 1-15 campaign. Strixhaven is not allowed, but all other official material is. S8 D17 C10 I14 W16 CH8

She is going to start a Monk, then 6 levels of Bladesinger, then Monk Until level 15. Second Chance Feat at level 5 (Dex 18), then Wisdom ASI at 10th and 14th. Spells will be mostly defense (Absorb Elements, Shield, Protection from Evil and Good, False Life, Blur, Misty Step, Haste)

Wondering if Shadow or Kensai would be better for Monk subclass. Either of these are going to come online relatively late (level 9).

Shadow would give her a bunch of good spells using ki points, one being darkvision which I won't have from her race and won't want to waste a Wizard spell slot on. Also at 12th level I would get the teleport ability.

Kensai would give her agile parry for another +2 boost to her AC. This would give her 26AC with bladesong and shield at level 9 (27 at level 10 with a wisdom ASI). If I can manage a staff of defense and headband of intellect I can make it 29 and 30 respectively.

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