Shadowdark opens late pledges next week!

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Kelsey Dionne on Discord said:
  1. Near certainties:
    1. The payments to Backerkit will go through today
    2. I will be able to begin the survey review process today, putting us on track for the 5% smoke test tomorrow
    3. As soon as we hit a 60% response threshold on the smoke test, surveys and PDFs go out to everyone else

On late pledges:
This is the next big thing! It’s a matter of flipping the switch once the surveys are through the smoke test, so that will probably happen on the same day the full surveys go out!

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Here's the full update.
1. Paying Backerkit! I got the Kickstarter funds (yay!), but my bank didn't allow me to wire any of it to Backerkit on Friday (not yay). In order to proceed with the Backerkit surveys, I need to have my bills paid with them.

Thankfully, I rose with the dawn to assail the bank's dark fortress the moment their hellish, iron gates re-opened for banking hours. After much struggle, I triumphed. Backerkit should be paid by the end of the day today!

2. Review and Smoke Test! Once Backerkit is paid, they'll allow me to submit our survey for review. This usually takes 1-2 business days.

When Backerkit says we're good to go, I'll launch the smoke test that was originally planned for Friday. A random set of 5% of backers from each tier will get the survey and their PDFs.

Once 60% of them have responded, Backerkit will allow me to send surveys and PDFs to everyone else.

3. Surveys and Emails! My best guess is we'll be ready to send all surveys + PDFs between Tuesday and Thursday of this week, depending on how long all of the above takes.

I know folks were worried about missing the email, but don't be! I'll post numerous updates on here, social media, and via email when they're live, especially as we encourage stragglers to respond in the coming weeks. :)

4. Preorder Store! It will go live the same day the surveys are sent to all backers. So, by my most reasonable guess, between Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

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Shadowdark is Five Torches Deep Lite. (At least judging from the preview files.)
That at least seems to be in the right territory.

I think the DCC people are narrowly focused on the spell mishap tables, which neither DCC or Shadowdark invented. (As far as I know, the first of those was the Wild Magic table from the 2E Tome of Magic book, unless you count the Potion Miscibility table from the 1E DMG, but the idea likely appeared even earlier in a magazine or fanzine.)

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She’s noted it.
Maybe it's the English major in me, but what the author says is in the mix and isn't doesn't mean it's obvious to outside observers.

Douglas Adams credited Paul Simon's "One Trick Pony" album, which he apparently listened to on endless repeat while writing -- I believe -- The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. But it'd be a real trick to read through the book and say "ah ha, here's the influence of a post-Garfunkel Paul Simon."
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