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Shahalesti gazeteer...


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Hi folks!

One of my player's character is a hin... from Shahalesti! He wanted more information regarding his home place. He already read the PLayer's Guide but wanted to know if there was more material regarding the Shinning Realm (not so shinning in his character's PoV!).

So I searched the web for gamers who developped the WotBS campaign... but so far, did not get much.

Finally, I am turning to you, EN community, for help, advices, hints... anything!!!

Thanks in advance guys!

JoCool (should have taken this nickname instead of JoPay... much much cooler!!)

PS: now that I think abou it... is there anything regarding the otherrealms as well???

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I don't believe that the party ever go into the main part of Shahalesti at any point in the WOTBS campaign (please correct me if I'm wrong) so I don't think that the country is ever detailed fully - I think that it is left to GM interpretation.

For my campaign I am setting the Shahalesti up as a partially isolationist Elven community with a significantly arrogant outlook to other people, including other elves. They will be quite capable in warfare, though usually defensive in approach, and a significant naval power. I would imagine that their cities will be very civilised, light and clean and the people very ordered.

In short though I would suggest that you just expand on the material in the players guide and go from there. You might want to get the player involved in expanding it as well.


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There's no additional info on Shahalesti.

Ryan and I have occasionally knocked around the idea of a post-WotBS adventure set at Rantle and Shalosha's wedding in Shahalesti. I don't know if it'll ever happen though.


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Thanks Guys!

Thought I was alone for a while... I was planning on expanding on my own, but I wanted to know IF ( a big "if" here...) some GM had already done it and wanted to share... I have seen a few blogs where WoBS game's journal are posted (I'm doing it myself on Myth-Weaver) and some GMs have expanded the politics, nations and religions... but not with the kind of info I needed. Usually, the GMs copied and pasted the information already in the Guides, so back to square one.

Guess I'll have to do it myself... it's no big deal, but with the job, the kids, my personnal life AND the games (we've been doing tabletop for the past 20 years me and my college friends!), you have to cut somewhere, you know...

Thanks again!


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Shahalesti elven sayings developing during our game:

There is no saying what a hin makes of the world (because they are too small to "get" the world)

Two dwarfs don't make an elf.

A drop in the ocean of a Shahalesti's life (referring either to short lived races, or anyone who is supposedly inferior to their artisan and magical talents, which includes other elves)

Hope not to see what a Shahan's eyes can percieve (in our game, a Shahan was a Shahalesti elder who has done something to be mentioned in history books. Which, thanks to "historic inflation" was now about 1/4 of the elder population)

To turn around where an orc would run is to show one's true colors ( it means being worse than an orc, as because the orc is inferior he can be expected to give up)

We had Shahalesti elven society work on some assumed caste system, where there are no written rules about who is above the others, but they follow along anyway, because not doing so would violate the core of their being. Most other races, especially the hin, follow this example, and the hin are seen as a junior race to the elves next in line of importance. Some Shahalesti scholars believe that the elves used to be so small, and grew with their knowledge and wisdom. Supposedly, the hin race has gained about 2 inches of average height since the Elves started "tutoring" them, and might be a fully developed race in a few thousand years. The hin, when no one listens, say that the arrogance of the elves grew with their height and they may reach the moon in a few hundred years.

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