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WotBS Dasseni Nobles... What's In a Name?

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The medals are coming together... I just got whatever ribbon I could at Joann, so yeah, blue and cream isn't exactly thematic to Lord Gallo... but hey, ribbons are all sorts of wild colors & patterns, right? Still waiting on the pendants/charms that will make the actual medal part.

I'm narrowing down names for the honor. Right now, I'm vacillating between "Order of the Morning Cry," or "Dawn Call," or some variation therein...



I also went a LIIIIIITTLE overboard, and got more charms to make more medals for various purposes. I'm wondering if there are any other honors that could be achieved in the campaign, that some these would be suitable for? Any ideas or suggestions?
  • Compass - perhaps Seaquen?
  • Sun & Moon - Shahalesti?
  • Horse - maybe Ostalin / hippogriffs? Maybe a new, less-evil iteration of the Black Horse Mercs under Kathor?
  • Leaf - Maybe an old Taranesti symbol to be found in Ycengled Phurrst?
  • Caduceus - A healing symbol?
  • Dragon - A symbol of Ragesia?
  • Book - Lady Namin, The Lyceum, or Gabal's School?
  • Anchor - Seafaring... maybe Seaquen, or Lord Megadon?
  • Tree - Another nature symbol, maybe Taranesti / Phorros Irrendra?
  • Wolf - Perhaps a symbol used at the Scourge Prison, or an award for its liberation?
  • Wings - An honor bestowed by the Aquiline Cross?

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