First Post
We decided to shake things up after The Wedding. We discussed a few ideas and chose Sharn as the new basis for the campaign.
Tuktuk decided to take a chunk of the new faithful to Sharn. Grandmother decided to keep an eye on him, since he's a strange new power block in her clan. So she sent her trustworthy assassin Zek, his buddy Jin, and a hundred or so clangobs. She gave the group 1000 gp and a mandate to make a new safe house for Clan Grikka in Sharn, just in case the new alliance with the Haruuc turned bad, or the kesh Sharaat got revenge. Safe houses for the clan leadership to escape to is an ancient Grikka tradition, which is why the clan is 5000 years old, despite a long history of set backs.
So the group heads to Sterngate and catches the Lightning Rail to Sharn. Most of the clan rides in steerage, while some of the group appalls the wealthy of Khorvaire by riding in first class (spending some of Grandmother's money in the process).
Arriving in Sharn, the group is met by some guides for hire - street urchins shilling for some coins. A young goblin lad takes them on a tour of the lower districts. The group is immediately interested in Fallen, the most run down of run down districts. Eventually the youth leads them to the Governor, a Darguun hobgoblin lord that tries to assimilate newcomers. He finds cheap tenements and low paying jobs for most of the clan, and warns the group to stay out of trouble. This advice falls on deaf ears.
Tuktuk is assaulted by a vision. A vision of the Forgotten One! It's a view of the towers of Sharn as the last piece of the prison that binds is closed over the top of him. By looking at the vision in the Eye and the world around him in his real eye, Tuktuk can figure out where this happened, but it's a matter of trial and error.
Part of the trial takes the group to the Cogs, the industrial underworld of Sharn. There Travock starts a fight with the warforged of the city, brutally driving one into the pavement outside the Red Hammer (the warforged inn). It's still there.

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