Level Up (A5E) Sharpshooter (5E) nerfed to Deadeye in Level Up?

For mounted combat I could partially agree (especially in a dungeon focused playstyle instead of a more open world approach, but in such an environment you lose a good chunk of the advantages of ranged attacks anyway), but what are the limits of applicability of a spear wrt a sword?

If you're specifically including spears in with polearms, there isn't. With a lot of others though, there are potential space issues where applying them is going to be an issue there isn't with, say, a shortspear.

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the -5/+10 part is mostly the problem.

Replacing that in SS feat with +1 dex solves all the problems.

range/cover penalty is not always implemented so that feat is then not overpowered, but it is nice to have so you don't need to worry about those details as dedicated archer.

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