She always died the strangest ways.


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I used to spend a LOT of time playing the baldur's gate series c-rpgs, Magi Apolline's avatar happens to be one of those available in the game for use on your main character, and I once made a wizard using that portrait.

It was probably the most ill fated character I ever had. Her bad luck started when I "accidentally" used one of my spell quick slots on a cat in the middle of Athakatla, and watched as a half dozen police wizards showed up and turned her to stone. A quick reload later, she was back on her way, and having ditched the stuck up druid, and insane barbarian ranger(3 games with him was enough) she needed some protection, and so picked up Korgan the evil dwarf fighter.

The very first encounter, an enemy caster cast confusion on us, and Korgan made a beeline for her, and crit her, killing her instantly.


Wound up a fireball, hoping to finish the fight before confusion was cast again, and accidentally clicked on the target, instead of near it, and by the time it went off, the target was on top of her.

The bandit died, but so did she.

The next few days I spent a lot of my time with my face in my hands, because no matter what I did, she died.

more bandits
her own party (many times)
a demon
a mummy

the list just keeps going on, it got embarassing, as I had gotten through the game without losing anyone once before.

Just thought I'd share that with you Apolline, I finally remembered where I recognized your avatar from.
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