short spear: best weapon in 3.0?


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Thanee said:
Yep, the spear looks quite a bit better. :)

It's two-handed, tho. Martial weapons have similar stats without that restriction.

Well, it really just means you always get the 1.5x Str damage, without having to say it....

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Alternatives to the Short Spear presented in this thread:

Greatsword and Longbow: sure, that's a good combo, but I'm talking one weapon here...frankly, I think Longsword and Longbow is another good fact, if you're playing a Ranger, why not carry a longsword in one and and a shortspear in the other, you're ready for melee OR ranged attack dealing 1-8 damage...

Morningstar: might be the most underrated melee weapon for Rogues in 3.0

Club: actually a viable alternative since it can be used as a shortrange missile weapon...still if yr going to use a 1-6 weapon why not:

Halfspear, which has I think all the advantages of the Shortspear, except you can use it one-handed in melee

point taken on usefulness for low level characters

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