D&D (2024) Should 2024D&D split skills into two categories*

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I disagree pretty hard with the premise. Some of the skills you list as secondary are more important in my experience than some of the ones you list as primary. I think what skills are more or less important is far too campaign and playstyle dependent for this to be a good idea.

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Argyle King


Str + 8 + prof
Str or Dex save, whichever you want.

So you can't use expertise Athletics to auto-grapple someone.

Escaping is still Athletics or Acrobatics. So you can still auto-escape, but it takes an Action, so not exactly cheap.

Would abilities which give bonuses to saves (or auto-succeed saves like some legendary actions) work on grapples now?


A suffusion of yellow
I'd make Perception a passive trait and make it all active skill use into Investigation/Observation maybe combine Insight into Observation too

Combine Athletics and Acrobatics into one skill that can be used with Dex or Str or Con (Endurance)

Combine Persuasion (Cha), Intimidation (Str) and Deception (Wis) into Persuasion Skill

Lore (Arcana, History, Nature, Religion, Culture/Language) I'd treat as Tools

Medicine/First Aid - should be more important by nerfing healing spells (cure only replaces HP \, first aid is still needed to close wounds and stop infection)

Stealth could include slight of hand I suppose

Animal handling could be combined with Nature as a Lore


I miss Concentration as a separate skill actually. I think it should be something you get better at if you allot time and effort into it. Also, as far as bad guys go, their Concentration is usually so abysmal they can't maintain a good spell long enough to be effective. But that won't change in this edition of the game.

Whatever they do, thieve's tools probably need to go. It's clearly the king of tool proficiency compared to calligraphy or something like that (not to mention other skills). Did they already fold that into Sleight or Hand or is that just BG3 overwriting my knowledge?

Acrobatics and athletics could be merged IMO. Acrobatics in particular doesnt seem to really DO much.
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