D&D (2024) Should 2024D&D split skills into two categories*


Whatever they do, thieve's tools probably need to go. It's clearly the king of tool proficiency compared to calligraphy or something like that (not to mention other skills). Did they already fold that into Sleight or Hand or is that just BG3 overwriting my knowledge?

Acrobatics and athletics could be merged IMO. Acrobatics in particular doesnt seem to really DO much.
Thief tools should be merged with sleight of hands into Thievery skill.

Acrobatics lost lot of combat utility with Disengage action.
Maybe it can be used as 3.5e tumble;
half speed move without AoO if you succeed of Acrobatics check vs. maneuver DC(Str or Dex based) of anyone being able to make AoO for your movement. If you fail you get whacked with AoO.

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