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I know, I know. There is no "Turtle" card in the Deck of Many Things.

This would have been a lovely snake haired Euryale if my scanner hadn't conked out on me.

But it did and I was possessed by a desperate need to try out my new idea for a deck of golden cloisonne cards (enchantable quality, suitable for an artifact, no?)

So I grabbed whatever scanned sketch I had lying around because this trick needs something drawn with an actual pen before all the Photoshop magic can happen.

And, uh, I had a sea turtle sketch hanging around from a summer job I had about 15 years ago.

So now there's a Turtle card.

If I can get my scanner working, there might be some more cards in this set that actually resemble Deck of Many Things cards.

If not, we may wind up with a rather odd artifact in need of a backstory.

Let me know what you think.


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Ok, two things:

1) This is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
2) I see it as a high-powered single-use item (like a Feather Token) that summons a Dragon Turtle to serve the user for a day.


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Still experimenting with the design. I uploaded two more versions to the first post, so they'd be side by side.

I think I like the one with the Jade background best, but I'm not quite decided.


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(Scanner is working now. But I still like my turtle card.)


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Wow. Simply wow. They all look neat. I like the one on the right the best, but all three are terrific. The middle one is my second favorite. I would pay good money for a full deck like this - no symbols, no writing, no nothing but a bunch of cards with images like this. Gorgeous. (Though I should say that I'd like to see the second image - the insect - done in slightly (or greatly) different background colors from the turtle.)
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Ok, I added one with a "soapstone" background instead of the blue jade.

I don't think I can do different background colors for all 22 cards, but it's certainly worth experimenting to see which cards look best in which colors.

I think you're right--the blue is too cheery for Euryale.


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Ok, so the scanner--it's not well.

So all the sketches I did today are inacessible.

So I retreat to existing scans of other line drawings I've done, and I find a nice falcon shape.

If I ever get the scanner working, maybe I'll redo "talons", and we'll just use "Falcon" for something else like Mr. Turtle.

In the meanwhile, enjoy.

Varianor, you are double-clicking the thumbnails to see the large versions, yes?


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Ferrets are rogues, right?

At least, all the ones I've known are.

Basically weasels with little black masks and the sort of bright little eyes that make you go "oooh cute!" right up until the moment they are getting away with murder.


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The falcon and ferret are both excellent. Yes, I am looking at the full-sized image - right before I "Right Click, Save As". :) The gold background doesn't seem to work as well for those images. It's a little bright.


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The Scampering Chaos was sitting in my lap, and upon hearing that my avatar is a creature that flies by farting, she insisted.

I make no other excuses.


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Wonderful art. Makes me want to throw money at some jeweler to have them made in metal to really own an artifact.



This is amongst my favorite of all the art I've seen you do in the last sixteen years. It's simply gorgeous; the backgrounds do more than show off your drawings, they magnify and complement them in subtle and beautiful ways. Take the clouds under the flumph; the color gradiations in those fill me with joy.

Simply, I want to see more - but I also want copies of the ones you have made. I just know the printer won't do them justice.

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