Siberys Seven: Heroes of Eberron


“Taking down a Dragon”

The flames blast out of the sculpture made to look like a dwarven ruler or leader. The large Black Dragon snarls in agony as the flames wash over his reptilian body. He smashes this trap as he has the two before. “I fear no fire Elderich! None!”

The Black Dragon stomps forward. He comes to another reinforced door. This time as a precaution, it summons up a shimmering cover of energy to shield it. And it is a good thing as another trap is activated. This time a large metal blade laced with adamantine swings out of the ceiling. Sparks fly as it scraps on the magical field created by the Black Dragon.

It spits acid onto the hinges. After a few moments to allow the spittle to do its work, the dragon rises up on its hind legs and plows into the door. This not only destroys the door but also activates a back-up magical trap as electricity courses through the dragon. RAAAARRRGH! It snarls in fury.

“Nothing can stop me!” It snarls.

“Oh I don’t know about nothing.” Says a familiar voice. The dragon stops and turns with a menacing glare.

“hi” says the rogue with a nonchalant smirk on his face. “Did you ever find the bathroom?”

A fireball bursts from the once invisible Leeya. The energy washes over the Dragon whom snarls in pain again. Vander rushes up the creature, using the wave of flames to obscure the creature’s view of him. He swings and misses as his magical falchion casts sparks on the dragon’s magical field.

Enraged at this latest affront to his form, the dragon takes his full rage out on the warrior. Caught off guard, it bites into him (a crit!) then claws at him as he pulls him away from his mouth. Trying to crawl away the dragon then beats him with his wings and slaps him away with his tail. A barely conscience Vander slides into a wall and bleeds there.

Mania does his best to taunt the creature, to leave Vander alone. Bora, feeling a rage build up within her charges forward with a blood-curdling scream of battle rage. With a bit of luck (Action Point) she scores a blow with her Great Falchion. Acidic blood splatters on the floor and sizzles. Incarnum tries to attack but the natural abilities of the dragon are too strong for him. Dura attends to Vander as she calls up her healing powers to mend his damaged body. Aura tries also but has little success against the dragon.

Leeya once more releases a fireball spell. Little comes of it except for keeping the dragon turning and twisting as it has so many targets to choice from. Vander charges back in again. He misses with his attack. The dragon pulls out a wand from a hidden pouch and activates it.
Mania frowns in frustration. He thinks about the use of the wand he recently acquired and it activates. Bora swings again. As she swings the dragon turns and it’s elbow accidently strikes her wrist and she loses her sword! Incarnum attacks next. His twin short swords swing. A wing strikes his arm and he too loses his grasp (another natural 1!) and drops his weapon. Dura casts a spell and a beam streaks from her carved out holy symbol that burns into the dragon’s side. It howls in pain. Aura slices into the neck of the dragon. Though not deep, it still scares the creature. That could have been a mortal blow.

Leeya, having used up her fireball spells goes to use magic Missiles instead. The three beams of energy burn at the dragon. Vander, full of fury and anger, unleashes his own attack and takes down the dragon.

“heh….. down goes the dragon.” Says Mania.

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“And You Thought the Dragon Was Bad”

The next day……

“I’m worried about you. Ever since we found that book of your grandfather’s you have been distressed.”

Dura continues to stare at the ledger on the table. “I know my grandfather more than possibly anyone else. He…. Has a way of going overboard and forgetting things like morality. This- this ship he is creating… it’s huge. It’s bigger than Breland’s Argonth. And it’s not as limited in where it can go as that fortress.”

Incarnum brings over a drink for her and stands still to hear the tale. Any reactions to it he has are hidden behind his mithril metal mask that is his face.

“Argonth… isn’t that a floating fortress.” Asks Vander.

“Yes. What my grandfather, Kim Elderich, was building was a bigger construct. It was part elemental sky ship, part magical lab and part exploration ship. It was bigger than any of Sharn’s towers.”

“How was he going to do that?” asks Leeya.

“It was going to be powered by several incredibly large fire elementals along with other magical means.”

“How has no one learned of it? The Korranberg Chronicle would have written something about it by now.” Offers Mania.

“I think he has Zilargo building it… or at least the gnomes. I’m sure he is paying for the secrecy also.”

“He’s rich. Can’t he afford this?” offers Mania again.

“He is going all out from the pages of numbers I saw. I… I don’t know if he can truly afford this.”

“Do you know where he is now?” Asks Aura. She has removed her helmet but the ectoplasmic skin remains in place.

“He is searching for something called The Creation Schema.”

“The Creation Schema? Curious. Schemas are magical devices used to speed up the production and empowerment of anything magical. House Cannith controls most all of them.” Leeya adds as an afterthought.

“Does this ship and the schema have anything to do with other?” asks Vander.

“Maybe… but I don’t know.”

“So… how do we find him again?”

“He has several places he goes to other than here. The nearest is in Aundair.”

“Sounds like we go to Aundair next.” Replies Mania with a smile.

“You guys don’t need to go. It’s a family thing.”

“Friends help friend’s families also.”

“When do we go?”

“Tomorrow. I want to know what is happening as quickly as possible.”

Several hours go by as everyone prepares for the trip. Dura Elderich especially. Hooch has not returned and they fear the Dragon with his Dolgrims and Dolgaunts have killed him. Preparations will need to be made to the Elderich Hall in their leave.

But first- there is a long gong sound made twice. Someone is at the front door.

Dura goes to the door with Bora following her.

She opens the large doors and… there are a dozen dwarves there. Many in battle armor, others are obvious mages and the leader…. Wears glasses and wields a heavy looking tome. A lightly glowing tattoo covers his cheek and forehead. A dragonmark!

“I am High Warden Mordarkin d’Kundarak, this is High Warden Disney d’Kundarak and these are the Enforcers of Kundarak law. I believe you are Dura Elderich, granddaughter of Kim Elderich, one of our clients and the person I seek. Is the good sir in?”

“No he is not. We were…. I don’t know where he is.”

“Most unfortunate. May we come in?”


“We have business with the Elderich family. This includes you when Kim is not available.”

Fearing worse events to come if she tries to bar them from the Hall, she merely turns and walks away giving a weak wave to follow. Bora doesn’t step aside for them. She forces them to walk around her. She scowls the whole time as they go by. Once in, she closes the door and catches up with the armored group and their banker leaders.

“So what again is this about High Warden?” She asks as she directs him to a meeting room lined with books and ever bright lanterns. A large table sits in the center of the room.

“Your grandfather has signed a deal with us. It involves a great deal of money. Nearly as much as the entire country of Karrnath has with us. He has missed the last three payments and that is not excusable. His payment needs to be met.”

“He is not here. I honestly do not know where he is.”

The High Warden watches his ring; it doesn’t turn black so she is not telling a lie. But it is not white either. She knows something. “Are you aware of the contact? Surely you remember it. You signed it after all.”

“WHAT?!?” she exclaims. “I never signed such a paper.”

The High Warden frowns. “Very well then.” He pulls out a scroll case and opens it. He pulls out a rolled paper that lightly glows. The magic on it presumably preserve it from tampering or any means of destruction. “This is your hand writing is it not? Miss Elderich?”

She looks at it and in horror sees that it is true. “It looks like my writing but I don’t remember ever signing it….when…?”

“The contract was written up and signed in 990. I believe you signed it…”

“…when I signed for the rights to take out petty cash as needed at your banks. Grandfather…what have you done…? Why trick me…?”

“The whys matter little to our house. The hows matter. Repayment is overdue. Pay now. I have much business to attend to in other parts of Khorvaire.”

“How?!? I’ve seen the numbers. I can’t pay that!”

“Then by the laws recognized by the nations of Khorvaire and the Dragonmarked houses I then must reclaim collateral goods…. Namely this Hall and whatever lies within it.”

“WHAT!?! NO! You can’t do this!” Dura kicks back her chair and thrusts a finger in the High Wardens Face.

“Payment then. NOW!” Declares the High Warden.

“I don’t have the means to the vaults. He never told me the secrets of where or how to access them. This isn’t fair!”

“Humph. Though you seem sincere I can help you not. The rules are clear. Payment or the Hall is ours.”

“Can we make a deal… settle up after you do the next thing on your list?”

“No.” but she senses hesitation in his voice.

Outside of the room there is another battle taking place. One of silence. One of stares. Thirteen very serious dwarves vs. six very concerned and mildly ticked friends. Bora breaks first.

She stands up, and stalks over to the High Warden Disney d’Kundarak. “What is happening in there?”

“Kundarak / Elderich business.”

“If its Kundarak business then why are you not there?”

“Not my case file.”

Bora frowns at that and blows a bit of hair away from her face in frustration. “errrrrr….”

The door opens and a grim and defeated Dura Elderich steps out. “The immediate issue on hand has been dealt with my friends. But now you need to travel away from here and go with the Kundaraks back to the electric rail station.”

“What about you? We can’t leave you here.” Calls out Leeya.

“For payments of what is owed to the bank I will do certain services for them. I will be traveling south tomorrow.”

“Alone? I don’t think so. I know little of this bank and what power it holds over you but I have heard of rumors involving the lands to the south. I will travel with you.” Declares Aura.

“And I.” says Vander.

“He can’t have all of the fun. I’m going also.” Says Bora.

“And ourselves.” Says Leeya with Incarnum nodding his consent.

“Me? Left to the dwarves? Uh-uh. I’m going with you.” Says Mania

“You have one month. Make the most of it or the Hall is ours and you…and your friends will go either Dreadhold or a similar facility.



“Pack Your Bags”

“Where did you want this box?” asks the psychic Warrior named Vander. A 24 inch square wooden crate is carried carefully in his arms. In dwarven it reads “potions: defensive”.

“Go down the second hallway on the right and you’ll see Leeya and Aura. Place it in that area.” Answers Dura as she looks over book titles in the master library.

“What book are you looking for?” asks the ½ breed vampire rogue, Mania.

“Whatever I think will be useful. We will be crossing through a lot of rocky high ground then into jungles and desert and the worst yet- The Mournland before we reach Darguun and the objective of Kundarak.”

“Sounds like fun…. Sorta.” He says trying to give a reassuring smile.

“Just out of curiosity… why are we placing this stuff in here? Shouldn’t we be placing the stuff into packs?” asks Bora as she places in a large sack full of unknown items priory packed by Dura during the night.

“Everyone out of the chamber and behind me,” Dura commands then clears her throat once everyone is out. “Easy Down.”

The door to the “chamber” closes and begins to shrink. Then the answer begins to appear as the chamber and its walls reduce further. The “room” was really a concealed magical tower. It shrinks to within a few inches of height. Dura whistles to herself as she picks it up and places it into her pocket. “Granddad never did understand traveling in the rough.”

“This may be interesting and then some.” Says Mania to himself with a smile.

“If that is interesting… keep in mind we have one month to complete this and the travel time, if I calculated it right and Orien and Lyrandar are available to help us (and I can still afford it) we will have one day in Darguun to get their money and activate the teleporter rings.”

Mania’s face goes sour.


“The Journey Begins”

THERENDOR 25, 999 (Day 1)

“Are we there yet?”

“Stop whining pretty boy.”

“If you wish, you can return to Elderich Hall and wait for our return in 30 days. Otherwise- zip it.” Snarls Dura to Mania.

“My horse doesn’t like me.” Complains Vander as he gets bounced around within his plate armor.

“What is the plan again?” asks Bora.

“We travel to Korona Peak. From there I buy passage for us all to Gatherhold. Travel south and cross the water to avoid the grey mists of the Mournlands. Then go inland to find the Warlord Rundii guy whom owes the dwarves a lotta money.” Repeats Dura for at least the third time that day.

“Tight time. Will we make it?” enquires Leeya as she watches Mania adjust his seat.

“We have too.” Commands Dura.

“Well stop up here on the hillside overlooking the river from Mirror Lake.”

They stop and settle down for the night. Mania disappears (possibly for food for himself) as Dura holds out the metal cube. “Easy Up.” She says quietly and the cube begins to quiver and enlarge. It loses the square edges and pushes into the ground as becomes a 30ft tall tower with small windows high up.

“What of the horses?” asks Bora patting hers.

“At least in this area they will be safe outside. After Gatherhold I’m not sure. We may have to squeeze them into the tower. It’ll be tight but they will be safe.”

It continues like this for several days as the friends bicker and pick and prod each other. Each day their friendship grows and becomes stronger. Their resolve to aid Dura and her Grandfather grows daily also. Dimly, very dimly, it occurs to Dura that this is becoming her new extended family. It feels good.

On the seventh day within the mountains they encounter their first trouble. An owlbear. They easily dispatch it before continuing onward.
They pass a few small villages but avoid going in fearing the distractions and thus delays they can bring. They do stop and trade off horses as they continue their forced march south.

While traveling through the Talenta Plains they see many small lizard creatures that feed on the tall grasses here. Leeya tells them that these are collectively referred to as dinosaurs. Though rarely seen in this area there are much larger versions in the jungle regions of Talenta and in Xen’drik.

11 days into the trip they near the closest thing to a halfling city- Gatherhold.


EYRE 07, 999

“Happy lil’ buggas.” Replies Mania as the halflings race around the group. The children are pretending to be hunting elves and dinosaurs.

“So what are we doing here again?” asks Bora wincing as she nearly steps on a child crawling out from under a market table selling fruit.

“Dura is hoping to get some help to reach our in time. These long forced marches are getting old to all of us. Well … all but Mania and the Warforged.”

The halfling marketplace is abuzz with activity. Everything is in bright colors and eye- grabbing designs. The aroma is thick with spices and the smell of food cooking. There are more small reptilian creatures roaming about than the group prefer. These dinosaurs are the pets and domesticated animals of the halflings. Claw feet, smaller versions of the feared raptors are the primary mounts of the rangers and scouts. Glidewings, smaller pterodactyls, fly overhead. Leeya spends two coppers to get a beautiful silken scarf. Mania gently wraps it around her neck and shoulders. They share a private smile then step away from each other as Dura returns. She seems happy which is a good sign.

“We have rides. We can make up a day or two while resting our legs and backs.”

“What kind of rides?” asks Mania as he sneaks another peak at a claw foot that is sniffing his pack.

“The Raptor”


The seven of them walk out of Gatherhold to a section of land that has a large rocky step. Several Glidewings sit on wooden poles placed into the solid rock. Their heads follow them as they walk up to a large basket with a rope that goes up to the top. Vander and Incarnum take a second basket after the others go up first.

“You still have not told us what this is about.” Says Mania to the dwarven cleric.

“I’m calling in a favor. I had forgotten about Rikko until about the third day of walking. He is a talented animal trainer. He used to work at House Vadalis. However, he has a few personality quirks thus why he no longer works for them and was kicked out…. Or at least believed to be dead.”

“Rikko? And believed dead… as dead or murdered?” Asks Leeya.

“Yes” answers Dura.

Once everyone is back together they walk to a series of shanties. There is a strong smell of dino-poo and meat. The place is a sty and smells it. “RIKKO!” Dura calls out.

There is a commotion of falling pots and stuff behind them. Bora nods to a leaning building made of reeds and dried large leaves. She pushes open the door and steps back with a look of disgust.

“Is this your Rikko?” She asks Dura with a hint of hope she is wrong.

“Dura? Dura Elderich?” they hear come from within the room.

A man with charcoal drawn symbols on his arms and face smeared with animal feces and urine peeks his head out. Mania’s sharp eyes spot a large tick or flea scurry from his hair under his ear and behind his neck.

Mania leans to Leeya’s ear- “He’s a few charges low on the sanity side isn’t he?” He whispers.

“Rikko- I… we need help. We need transportation to the south.”

“ahhhh…. Nope.”

“Do you remember the incident in the Hardcorestone pound? The one I never spoke of?”

“ahhh…. Irreverent.”

“Oh yes- you are thought dead. It would be a shame if any of the Vadalis leaders were to come to Gatherhold…..”

The lunatic’s eyes go wide then a crazed smile comes on his face- Dura…. Dura…. Dura…. It HAS been a while. How is the family?”



Eight Mage bred Glidewings of larger than normal size leave the rocky step near Gatherhold and head south. It is not long before Vander, Aura and Incarnum’s gliders fall behind even with riding the largest of the reptiles. Dura figures the use of magic will be required to keep these three up with the others.

The first night camping, the group learns much about “Rikko”. Perhaps more than any wished to know. He is of the House Vadalis but never developed a dragonmark. His father and uncle began to treat him differently and often poorly. The young man found more comfort living with the animals he fed and washed.

Dura and he met several times when she was very young. Kim often traveled and spoke with groups others would not. He had found a rebellious kinship with them.

Rikko d’Vadilas was perhaps too close to his animal responsibilities. He was first caste out of his home then as word got out; he was the victim of an accident.

Unknown to his father, uncle and the others, he survived and moved south into the plains of Talenta. Here he established himself as an animal trainer and farmer.

The rest the others surmised. His mind cannot handle the fact he was born with no dragonmark so he has attempted to paint one on. His mind has become somewhat beast-like and he would never fit in civilization ever again.

They also learned Glidewing eggs are tasty.

They had little problems traveling south this way, especially with Dura’s instant tower that she could call up each night. The Glidewings perched on it as watchouts. Much time was made up. Dura still hoped to find the contact person and the item of value in time.

On EYRE 22, 999 They reached the borders of the Mournlands. Wisely they keep several thousand feet from its grey mists until they reach the shores of Kraken Bay.

Somehow Dura makes a deal with House Lyrandar to cross the waters to Darguun.


EYRE 23, 999

The magically empowered water craft crosses the bay quickly. Little is said between passengers and crew. The crew has learned it is better to be wary of anyone that wishes to be let off at the shores of the goblinoid nation of Darguun. There is a brief encounter with water adapted zombies but they are no challenge for the power of Aura and Dura’s divine magic. Vander is quite upset to have missed the battle.

There was an alarm for a mechanical Kraken been seen nearby but it was busy with an undead giant shark. That also went by with little involvement of the Siberys Seven. And again, Vander was upset to miss it.

As they came within view of the shores of Darguun so did a large warship flying the colors and design of Darguun.

Parley is done and a deal is commenced. The ship goes to upriver towards Rheklor and docks there to do trade and the such. The passengers quietly sneak off the ship.

They have one day to find their contact, and send them back using a magical device given to them by the dwarven bankers.



“You know- You guys are swell friends, and you tolerate a lot from me and I want to help you….” stumbles Mania as he easily hops onto a fallen tree and looks back at the group that is following him.

“But….?” Continues Dura swatting at a mosquito that was either created through evil mutative magics or House Vadalis… take your pick.

“Tramping through the forest on goblinoid soil in the middle of the night is not really what this city boy calls fun.”

“But you volunteered and just admitted we are your friends.” Follows up Aura.

“I still can’t help but think there is more to this whole thing than the Dwarves said….. any of the dwarves said.” He drops off the log to put it between himself and Dura quickly.

“Just what are you saying?” snarls the dwarf glaring. Leeya gives a nervous look to each of them.

From behind, Vander in his full plate calls out. “Why don’t we first complete this, get in some action, and then beat on each other.”

“No seriously- from my understanding of this adventure is- You were tricked into co-signing a crazy legal document that makes you responsible for Kim’s crazy spending habits. He has disappeared after spending the family fortune and this loan to build a flying fortress. They want their money and threatened to take you home. To avoid this action, you agreed to be their leg breaker. Amazingly enough, they have such a mission and a willingness to do this. And the best part- it’s done with only one mission and there is an incredibly strict time limit to it. A time limit that involves forced marches and the such for four weeks now. We are in hostile territory. The kind that they would look bad if caught doing it. You- WE are being played and used by the dwarves. No matter what they win.”

He takes a moment to clear more ground between him and the red faced cleric whom is slowly making up ground ahead of the others.

“The best part, we are to find a contact that is a half days march into the dense forest and there demand payment from a warlord here. With a teleporting device, send the seven of us back with the item. Why seven? Because he KNEW we were traveling with you and that we would help you.”

“Stop being a jerk and move on.” Commands Bora.

“Because I speak the truth?”

“Because you are twisting it.” Leeya says softly. “You should not talk like this.”

“Why? Why should I not?”

“Because you joined us to save your own ass. Not out of friendship.” Bora says then looks away realizing she should not have said it.

Mania stops, as if struck, then looks down to the ground. He turns and moves ahead disappearing into the darkness of the moon lit forest.

“Nice going guys.” Says Leeya.

Incarnum looks to each and ponders what has upset the mysterious rogue and cleric.

They move ahead in silence. Nothing is said by anyone. Bora has taken the lead while the heavier and slower armored friends remain in the back.

30 minutes go by when suddenly there is a screech from high above them. Two Manticores are sweeping down at them but one seems to have recoiled for some unseen reason.

Leeya is the first to react as she quickly casts a magic missile spell at the one that begins to whip out its tail. Vander draws his weapon as he moves to entice the magical beast to land near him. For his efforts- several spikes are shot from the creature’s tail and hit him. He doesn’t even grunt as he accepts the damage hoping to slash at it in a moment. Mania drops from a tree where he attacked it a moment ago with his cross bow. He dodges the spikes shot at him as he hits and rolls on the ground. The warforged mystery known as Incarnum pops out his twin short blades and also hopes for a landing target. Bora and Aura follow the general plan watching as one clearly will land and the other seems to be following the other’s action. Dura calls up a spiritual Weapon of a hammer than encloses the creatures within their closing ranks.

Though it is all small bits of damage, the two creatures are struck by magic, blades and spells once on the ground. They in turn snarl and bite and claw at them. Mania takes it in stride and Incarnum is deeply scratched across his chest plate.

Vander strikes a hard blow that cleaves into the creature’s side and Bora strikes from the other side nearly crushing the creature between the two mighty blows. The only magical mutated lion tries to fly away but the spiritual weapon holds it at bay. It is taken down.

“miss me?” quips Mania.


“Are you well?,” Vander asks the warforged as they walk in goblinoid forest, “you seem distracted.”

Incarnum hesitates a moment as if calculating and inventorying his minor injuries and damages. “Yes. I am well. Minor damage from the flying creatures.”

Taking as a matter of personal pride, the warrior doesn’t ask the warforged any more questions though it is obvious something is off. His mind is elsewhere it seems.

And yes… it seems so.

The warforged named Incarnum remembers little from before walking out of the mists of the Mournlands. He could remember little of his activity before that. But he has a wish, a pull, to be around people, humans especially. However, he looks at them and sees at first their physical weaknesses then their inner spirit- their love of life. He is both intrigued and bothered by this display. But for now he has a mission- a good one- to save a friend and her family’s name and belongings. Did he ever have… a family? Can warforged have families?

Mania comes back to the group from scouting ahead. “I think I found the place but just what were you looking for?”

“What do you mean?”

“There are two hill giants keeping guard within the ruins of the tower.”

“We were told they would try to get away with not paying the money. Hired guards should be expected.”

“Okay. There appear to a large group of hobgoblins within the building and some more in a cave behind.”

“All right, Mania and Incarnum go around the building. Watch for them escaping from the back or backup coming from the caves. Vander, Bora and the rest of us strike the giants and hopefully there will be no problems.”

Mania and Incarnum begin to move wide of the tower. Mania points it out to the warforged as they near a short clearing within the thick brush. Incarnum sees the dirty looking Hill Giants. He is uncertain if the dirt is their natural look or if they are doing this to further conceal them. They continue on being extremely quiet and stealthy. The partially collapsed ruin of a building behind the tower is covered with thick vines and growth. The two of them sneak between the ruins and the cavern entrance. Mania can see about a dozen or so hobgoblins including two that seem to the leaders. One wears heavier armor than the grunts and other wears robes. Possibly a mage or cleric?

Two of them are pacing as if waiting impatiently for someone. They move closer to Mania and Incarnum whom stay down and out of sight. Mania can hear their conversation.

“I do not like this Lord Raam. Selling the cattle is one thing but I find the…. Clients… very unsettling.”

“I would sell my brother to her if there was enough gold in it for me.”

“What I hear of their goals…. Would she do that to Darguun?”

“No, even with that damned twice over shifter in charge, Darguun would stop her and grind her bones under their steel tipped boots. Mistress Muy Monstrous would not dare.”

“Geth. I hear he has the heart of a Dhakaani.”

“You are becoming soft General Supiik. Is slave trade no longer within your will?” Mania frowns and looks over to Incarnum.

“I have no disrespect for you or Darguun. I would sell of the humans to the witch if it served you and our lands. Gladly.”

“Slaves? To be sold…?” whispers Mania to himself. The warforged ranger motions for him to remain quiet.

Mania feels an anxiousness welling up within him. Something he has never felt before. He peeks up again to look, watch and listen better. He doesn’t see what he is looking for. The cave.

Incarnum sees him looking over his shoulder to the cave entrance. “Do you think the money is there?” he asks quietly.

Mania says nothing but just looks with a grim look of determination.

A new plan is developing in his mind. The better plan.

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