Sidhe Li vs. MidKnight


The judge again pauses for a long while before speaking "On this the day of the sword the claw is not mighty enough to destroy the blade, I find in favour of Midknight!"

3 Flags MidKnight Match MidKnight!

After a long and hard battle MidKnight you have overcome your opponent and risen to Brown Belt 2 with a record of 12-8. Your fame spreads even further among the Dojos of the Land.

Sidhe Li you have lost even after putting up an incredible fight you were no match for the Brown Belt, you fall to Dirty Bastard 1 and your gang scatters to the winds. Meowth will probably not be happy about this failure. (Edited in deference to Meowths response)
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MidKnight steps in close to the former Green Belt.

"I don't know what happened between you and the evil one. But I know that you are strong enough to rise above it and reclaim the honor that was yours."

He turns to leave...

As MidKnight walks away from Sidhe Li, towards his fated match with Sidhe Li's master, he makes one final statement to the young man, "You are not your father..."


As Sidhe Li hears MidKnight he wants to yell at him, but finds strangely that he cannot. Something is not right.

Honor... Got to Rise above it...

Who am I... I am not my father... Got to Rise...

Sidhe Li knows that there are answers to the questions troubling him but he is not sure what they are or even what the questions are.

Silently and frustrated he watches MidKnight walk away.

Epic Threats

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