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"Sinless provides a sorely needed firmware update to one of the most underserved genres in RPGs. Lovingly crafted, and honed to a bleeding edge. Highly recommended." — Sean McCoy (Mothership, Two Rooms and a Boom)

It's out and it's real good.

Sinless isn't a 'clone'. First, it's classic (not traditional). The city is a sandbox, and players take over resources in the city. We play to find out what happens and failing is a part of that.

Second, the players form a brand, which allows having multiple characters and a public facing persona as they gain power.
It doesn't put a bunch of work on the Agonarch-it's clear how much a mission costs, what happens if someone is targeted for assassination, and how to resolve unexpected situations easily. That's what descriptive and not prescriptive is.

It is designed by a lauded game designer (Me!) who made tons of viral books about how to run games. The game takes cognitive overhead into account, allowing lots of upgrades without reducing things to builds, or spending a lot of time figuring out how to play. How to play is simple. What you choose, and making interesting decisions is where the fun is.

Third, it has animal uplifts and synths, which are new kinds of life. The provide excellent examples of both fun characters to play (Ask the octopus archmage on my discord) and lenses to examine core elements of cyberpunk games, humanity, identity and rights.

It's modern in all the good ways, and the art, well. I'll just post some images below.




Character Sheetp1web.jpg

I wrote a game that respects your time and intelligence. 90-120 minute play sessions. 190 page preview on DTRPG of the core rulebook.

But save yourself some money and back the Kickstarter.

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