Some art from Dragonbond: Endless Sagas


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Project name
Dragonbond: Endless Sagas

Main premise
Dragonbond is a high epic fantasy setting, a primal world, shaped by the innate magic that flows through all things: Vaala. Through the threefold power of Dream, Will, and Source, Vaala provides the potential for all things to evolve, to change. Driven by Vaala, empires rise and fall, monsters rampage through wondrous landscapes, and armies march to war beneath a tumultuous sky.

Far below Valerna, the main continent of the Dragonbond setting, extends an underground realm, filled with dark continents and lightless seas. Its rulers are the Daimoi, nine entities of immense power who have absorbed Vaala into themselves to the point of becoming nearly immortal. Evolving as a dark mirror of the surface world, the Hollowdepths are a counterpoint to mortal excess. But this is no imaginary netherworld. The Hollowdepths are very real, a place of eternal darkness awaiting both the living and the dead.

In the eternal dark of the Hollowdepths lurk noisome, dangerous things, awaiting their chance to claim the world for their own. And then, once every twenty-seven years, the Red Moon rises, and the dragons descend upon the world of mortals… In the face of the draconic threat, the squabbles of mortals are nothing.

Image context
The mother and Caretaker of the Poisoned Gardens is Bellindra the Beautiful, a massive plant-like Daimos who feeds on her garden’s eternal cycle of predator and prey. She represents the sensation of imminent danger, that threat just beyond sight that forces mortals to keep moving, keep looking around, all in vain. Because the Kiss of Bellindra always arrives, and it’s always deadly.

More about Dragonbond
You can download Valerna: An Introduction for free here Dragonbond: Valerna: An Introduction - Draco studios |
And I would love to hear your opinions about the world that we are creating.

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