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What about... *glances one way, then the other* ... a ball? Eh? And better yet.. a horror ball. Y'know, the kind of stuff where it's all scary and evil, instead of pretty and good. I find a consistency with the balls being times of merriment and things of that sort, but what if there was a ball that is filled with the intent to celebrate villains and greed? You can make the decorations in your ol' imagination as cheesey as you want, but I was envisioning it being based in an eerie environment - misty swamps, pitch black forests, haunted castles... Dress as your worst enemy or as something dead or scary. Maybe even have a major event or contest, say I'unno... like defeating a dragon to get the treasure.. everyone could have a coin purse handed to them at the door, to which thievery is encouraged, and whoever has the most coins at the end of the night wins. Scariest costume contests.. goofy little games like that, or we could do what I haven't seen done since the first opening of the TMP. A battle competition with multiple entrants from all over ISRP competing to win the title of the best fighter in the land. Everything is determined via dice. Anyone else remember that? It'd be nice to see again, a lot of people participated that time. I don't know, am I alone on a pedestal here?

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I think it sounds neat, especially the coins and "thievery". Though, the coins should be something other than real coins.
What setting, though? If TMP, then there could be chocolate 'coins'.
I'm tempted to babble on about events I've been to in real life, but, I won't get that off track. I'll be good. ;)

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