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5E Sometimes Less Is More...or am I the only one who thinks so?

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The Drunken Master isn't literally drunk, it's actually faking it... The whole basis of the REAL WORLD KUNG FU STYLE is to be unpredictable, confusing, look unbalanced and have flexible movements...

EDIT: Also, multiclassing SUCKS. It always did. It's either underpowered or a total munchkin-magnet that's only useable by powergamers... IMHO. I'm in the More is More camp.

That said, I feel like the 'Specializes in 1 school of magic' Wizard should just have been a single Sub-class that picks their school and get a feature for cheaper spell, a specific feature that recharges when they cast their school, like the Abjurer Ward, and a 'End of Long Rest' feature like the Diviner, would really cut down on the space the Wizard took in the PHB... We could have gotten a PHB Bladesinger! Or the 4e Impliment-Specialist Wizard as another Subclass.
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