5E Sorcerer class improvement house rule

So my proposed solution is.

Each subclass get's a list of thematic spells. For every 3 spells from the thematic list you know, you can learn an additional spell.

Sword of Spirit

@Sword of Spirit

If the draconic sorcerer and the divine soul sorcerer are fine - then doesn't it come to reason that the issue isn't with the base class but with the other subclasses?
It could, but I don't think they are fine. I addressed this in my last post (though I don't blame you for not reading a wall of text that long), but I think the fire (only) version of Draconic Sorcerer has a lot of raw damage potential, and the Divine Soul has a ridiculous amount of flexibility, which obsfucates the issues affecting the entire class. A litmus test is that core class fixes should manage to fix other subclasses/options without overpowering those particular classes.

As a random aside, when I was studying the subclasses as part of my even deeper analysis, I realized that Storm Sorcerer is really, really weak. I'm just going to change the "10 feet" to "30 feet" in its first two subclass features, and that should move it up into "probably acceptable" range (combined with my general core class boosts).