Sorry to be a bother..Tech Q

I was wondering how do you send private messages here? It keeps telling me I'm not allowed to send them (though gives me the option to). Also pw's for isrp area,the auto email so you can reset it (I forgot mine) isn't working.

Thanks so much!

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Haha.. I was wondering -quite- the same thing actually because I just tried to send a few people private messages and it was telling me I was not registered.


I suppose it's time for me to invest in telepathy or something..


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PMs inside the FlashChat software are available for anyone. PMs to people on the boards is only allowed if both the sender and the recipient have paid EN World accounts. This applies even to Magi trying to send PMs to people via the boards, yes. We can't do it if you aren't a paid member. That's why Code of Conduct violations on the boards tend to get heavier response, because we can't discuss the matter and figure out that you're merely clueless instead of in deliberate violation. ;-)

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