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Storm Raven said:
A point that says a lot about medieval painting, but absolutely nothing about painting and artistic human representation during the era being discussed.

I was responding to MaxKaladin's post about medieval painting, so I commented on medieval painting. I'm simple that way ;)

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Wilphe said:
Spell support would be from multi-classed clerics (they were rather religious (read: Superstitious) and perhaps some sorcerors. Wizardry would depend on how you integrated the training into the society, if you have Spartiate wizards they'd still need to go through the agoge so they'd be a level or two behind in development. They would be very focused on support in battle.
Alternatively, you could say that would weaken the focus of their society and that they get arcane support in the same way they got cavalry and support troops - through periokoi and allies.

I'd definitly go with the latter solution. The whole point of the spartan mindset/training/legend was that they were specialists. They did one thing, they did it one way and they did it well. Since philosophy didn't win any wars back then and technology was a non issue, it worked, but when put into the D&D mix the spartan way will have drawbacks. Let them have fighter wizards, and you no longer are trying to make the spartans, just a standard warlike nation. At least thats how I see it...

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