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I have just uploaded Spell Card Generator to the downloads area.

If you are like me, you like to have all of the information for a creature when you are running a game. One of the difficulties in 5e is that spells are included in creature stat blocks by reference. All you get is a spell name. For a while, I used one of the spell card generators online. When that was taken down, I decided to put something together for those who want to have the correct spell information for a creature close at hand. This download is Microsoft Word file and Excel file. The Word file is set up as a labels mail merge that uses the Excel file as a database. The Excel file contains no spell information. You have to type it in yourself. This is to get around any copyright issues. To use these files:

  • Download the zip file that contains the Word and Excel files.
  • Unzip the files to a location on your computer.
  • Open the Excel file and add the information for the spells you want. Use 1 line per spell.
  • Save the Excel file.
  • Open the Word file. Under the mailings tab, choose Select Recipients->Use an Existing List.
  • Navigate to where the Excel file was saved and click OK.
  • Click Edit Recipient List. Choose the spells you want to have printed.
  • Use the Preview Results button to see how things will look or click Finish & Merge to generate the spell cards.
  • Print the resulting sheets and leave as is or cut out to make spell cards. They should fit in a normal plastic trading card protector sheet that holds 9 cards per sheet.

The Excel file has the following fields for each entry. When filled out correctly, the spell should look reasonably like it does in the source material. Most field should be self explanatory
School - If the spell has a ritual option, place "(ritual)" after the school name.
Casting Time
Content - The description of the spell.
At Higher Levels

Hopefully, the examples in the Excel file give a good enough understanding of how to use it.

One exception is for spells that will not fit on a single card. Antimagic Field takes 3 cards and a bit of trial and error to get working. You will need to Type all of the information in and preview the spell card to figure out where it cuts off the description. Then, go back to the Excel file and cut and paste all of the description that got cut off on to the next line. For the Name field on that line, Type in the name of the spell again. You could add a (2) or something to keep track of the order of the multicard spell. All other fields on these extra lines should be empty. If there is an At Higher Levels option for a multi card spell, put the description for that on the last line for the spell.

I have done some limited testing of this. Please let me know if you find a problem or if I did a poor job explaining something. I only have the most recent version of Microsoft Office. So I do not know how well this will work with older versions.

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

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