D&D 5E Spellcasting Focus, Magical Items and Hands


Hi all!

Yesterday my party had the fight of a lifetime against the Tomb of Annihilation mastermind.

At some point, he sawed of one of my hand (I'm a wizard with a wand as a spellcasting focus), and next turn the other one. So I was pratically without hand, but I noticed that Mage Hand cantrip is not asking for Material components, but for Somatic ones. My DM let me use Somatic components even without hands (I've also War Caster feat, if this matters). I just discovered now reading the PHB preparing this post that this should not be possible RAW, but today is yesterday's other day.

As I was saying, DM was offering me the idea of using mage hand as a prostethic hand for spellcasting for the fight. He was really generous, I declined the offer to do something more cool: place the wand in my backpack and place the Wand of Wonders magic item in my mouth (well, bill, as I am a Kenku), and use it like this.

RAW, can one use the Wand of Wonder (and, in general, magic items) like this?

Thank you for your replies :)

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