Spelljammer Spelljammer not confirmed: Mar 2022 release

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Uncomfortably diegetic
Considering the, err, critical role that CR has played in growing 5e fandom, I'm not surprised to see WotC link up with their releases to an even greater degree. I imagine that CR Season 3 (which is set in Marquet) will probably explore similar themes but not actually touch on the events of the adventure.

Spelljammer will return, and maybe even we will see an oficial crossover with Fortnite (OK, I was kidding).

The races have appeared in the last UA playtesting, and this a good sign. Maybe we will see a second UA for other PC races.

I guess the fraals will appear in the setting, but after the handbook of psionic powers. (Yes, they were in AD&D).

The sesheyans appeared in Dragon Magazine #251 as race for D&D. They can fly, or glade at least, but they aren't very good about this and they get tired too soon.


There is a potential market, the fandom who love sci-fi franchises (Halo, Mass-Effect, Starcraft, Farscape, Andromedad, Babylon 5, Galactica). And WotC needs to show an alternative to Paizo's Starfinder.



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