Spelljammer Spelljammer Survey

It's been mentioned in several Spelljammer threads, but I thought I would bring it up for its own discussion so that people are aware: if you go to the credits page of the Astral Adventurer's Guide, there is a QR code that will take you to a survey concerning the product and more. A lot of it is your typical general questions on D&D and how you found out about and purchased the product, but there is a question to provide feedback as well.

For myself, I responded that I belived 64 pages for the setting guide were too few (which is apparently a common concern), and that some vital things were left out as a result. But I also made sure to mention that what did appear was helpful and useful, and that the art was extremely well done.

So, if you have the set, and want to make future sets better (and to make sure they know what you did like about the set), just scan the code and get started!

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