Spelljammer Spelljammer - The Gith Wars


This is inspired by a post in another thread, and it is a sounding board for making a viable Spelljamming campaign very loosely inspired by Star Wars (and other space sci-if/fantasy tropes as they fit).

For a millennium, Vlaakith, the lich queen of the githyanki has ruled from the Mouldering Throne in an island chain of dead gods - one composed literally of dead gods collected together in the Astral sea and loosely linked together by adamantine chains between the ancient corpses.

For nearly half that time, Vlaakith has engaged in Great War between her githyanki and the separatist githzeria who have resisted united the race as one. However, a recent acquisition of the dead god known as the Whispering One has turned her attention to conquest of the Astral sea and the realms beyond.

She has recently formed legions of elite gish warriors under command; soldiers armored with white aether armor and trained in the arts of warlock magic. She has organized legions of these soldiers onto wedge shaped, astral-faring vessels whose arcane powers are rumored to have been whispered to her by latest dead god acquisition.

As these malovent forces find portals to other astral islands and realms, their wyrm-riding legions are unleashed on the world, intent on bringing the various populace to their knees. Once subjugated, a tithe of their population is returned to the Chained Isle, where they are tortured and transformed into more githyanki legionaires.

As Vlaakith’s grip expands and her legions grow, rebel factions have been organizing to resist her.

First among them was the remnants of the Astral elvin nation. While its armada had been smashed by Vlaakith’s superior forces, the elves were able to escape with enough ships to provide the other races with a means of covertly moving about and evading the githyanki battle ships.

The inhuman Neogi have struck a bargain with Vlaakith’s forces, allowed to keep their own territories and conduct raids in nearby systems in return for large tithes of the slaves they take. However, everyone knows that sooner or later one side or the other will turn, and many believe Vlaakith has the strong advantage.

The beholder worlds, though small, have been able to resist Vlaakith’s incursions, with varying success. When united, they can easily repel an invasion force, but the beholders have been known to betray another on occasion, causing the cluster of worlds to slowly diminish as it is picked apart.

The Giff alliance, though small, remains on the move after the fall of the Elvin Armada. Striking from secret bases, the small fleets of swift Giff patrol craft raid Vlaakith convoys and smaller bases, quickly vanishing before the massive war vessels of the githyanki can move in to counter strike their raids.

The dwarven holds are split - some are mighty enough to repel Vlaakith’s legions, others smart enough to bargain their wares for semi-indepenance, others destroyed or enslaved to produce mor arms, ships and weapons for the legions of the githyanki. Among the Escaped, dwarf engineers are prized for keeping a Spelljamming ship operating.

Hiding in the dark between the stars, the mind flayer nautiloids strike without warning and disappear as quickly once they have sated their dark appetites. They greatly fear and avoid the githyanki, but prey on virtually all other humanoid races in the night sky.

Sigil of the Outlands has become a haven to those fleeing from the legions of Vlaakith. Though the Lady of Pain has been unwilling to take a side in the conflict, she has so far been able to resist the mass invasion of Vlaakith’s forces - though she has been unable to effectively prevent small gish raiding parties from seeking individuals or targets within the city. Hushed rumors hint that Lady may not be able to keep Vlaakith away forever…

To this come the player characters, brought into the world when their world is attacked and overwhelmed by Vlaakith’s legions. Forced into the stars to escape the enslavement or destruction of their world, characters must find a way to exist - if not strike back against - this realm ruled by the Lich Queen and her beloved…

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Native player races - will probably come back to flesh this out more

Human, spaceborne (uses basic human stats, different background)

Elf, Armada (uses standard elf, background from shattered elvin empire)

Dwarf, Stronghold (mountain dwarf, with different background)

Gnome, Tinker (replace druidic abilities with artificer abilities)

Gazer (PC beholder with a couple cantrips and innate ranged spell attack)

Giff (hippomen with penchant for firearms, +1 Str, +1 Con, Firearm proficiency)

Gith (offshoot of githyanki/githzeria with no allegience to Vlaakith's empire, +1 Int, minor psionic abilities)

Hadozee ("deck apes", +1 Dex, glide ability, auto proficiency with Athletics or Acrobatics)

Neogi (wolf spider/eel crossbreed known for their duplicitous ways, +1 Dex or +1 Cha, Climb speed, natural attack [bite])

Thri-Kreen (replace Xixchil from Complete Spacefarer, make background more like Xixchil)

Next Up ... places to visit & how spelljamming works (including reworking helms so they can be powered/recharged but spellcasters don't have to lose their spell compliments to power them).

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