Spoiler tags broken?!


It appears that all my old spoiler tags [sblock] and [/sblock] don't work anymore and anything behind the spoiler tag is now exposed. Is this something that needs to be manually fixed? If so, how?


Well, that was fun
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I don’t know what all this software’s tags are yet, but they should be listed in the help pages.


Looks like the code tags work as before at least. Was just cringing at a char sheet I posted where all the sblocks were busted but the code was still intact.


It's worth remembering the old system was a mess.

For some reason, the desktop site migrated to using sblock tags, and spoiler tags did nothing. Meanwhile, in the app, sblock tags did nothing and only spoiler tags worked.

This meant that you either
a) ignored or was unaware of the app, and just used sblock tags. App users got their day spoiled. Now you must change everything.
b) applied both sblock and spoiler tags so that one or the other tag protected your content, regardless of how the thread was read. This means you should be fine: even if non-functional sblock tags will still litter your threads, at least the spoiler tags (that previously only worked in the app) now start to protect your spoilers for everyone

tl;dr: everything was worse before but is better now ;)