[Spoilers] 5e version of Sabotage encounter in Island of the Axis of the World


Hi there!

I ran a shortened version of the Zeitgeist adventure path in 4th edition, and am now starting to run a 5th edition version with new players. In comparison I noticed that from the Sabotage encounter the two fire sprites that were part of it in 4e have been removed in 5e. I am wondering whether that doesn’t make the fight too easy for my group of 5 players level 3.

Has anyone here run this encounter in 5e and can tell me how easy or hard it was for his group? I was thinking to add two magma mephits (CR 1/2) in the role that they had in the 4e version, slowing the pursuit of Sokana. Spellcasters in 5e are glass cannons, and I don’t want her to die too early in the encounter. What do you think?


I have not ran this in 5th edition.

But I have a good grasp on the system. If I recall, this starts the PC's at 3rd level, and theyve had one combat before this, possibly a second one.

You can absolutely add magma mephits to the encounter. For a first session, this will seem like a "boss" encounter, since after this the players will level and go on a big mission. The Kings life is in danger.

You could add, honestly, a Fire elemental (cr5) and the thing will probably get stomped.l by your players due to action economy. A fire elemental and 2-4 mephits will turn the fight into a deadly encounter but still doable with focus and teamwork. Without knowing party composition and if there is any optimization happening it's hard to say more. But you can absolutely toss a fire elemental in by itself and the party will win.